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1. Swimwear

You never know when you might need your bikini or trunks. Maybe you decide to book into an amazing day spa. Or a meeting gets cancelled and it turns out you do have time for a swim in the hotel pool after all. Grab an old bathing suit, throw it your suitcase and leave it there so you’ll never miss out on a fun-soaked opportunity.

2. Measuring tools

If you don’t already have one, buy a luggage scale and a small measuring tape to go with it. With airlines getting stricter about baggage sizes and weight limits, having these two items on hand will help you save money and avoid that embarrassing scene of repacking at the check-in desk. You’d be surprised how much bulk even a few souvenirs can add.

3. Basic dopp kit

Keeping a few necessities in your toiletry bag makes packing a whole lot simpler, particularly for last-minute trips. Decide what sundries you can’t travel without and source sample sizes or mini bottles. Don’t forget about tools as well. It might be worth purchasing items such as a nail file, a travel hairbrush or mini lint roller.

4. First-aid kit

No, you don’t need to have gauze on hand at all times. But it’s practical to have a little pouch stocked with Band-Aids (include the blister variety), a few pain-reliever tablets, antacids and anti-nausea/diarrhea pills. Even if you’re visiting a place where such things are available, being prepared will save you the time and hassle of tracking them down.

5. Electronics

You will not regret buying a phone-charging cable, a battery bank (and cord) and a universal plug adapter (ideally with built-in USB ports) that are solely for your travels. Another tip: Buy a boldly coloured adapter so you stand a better chance of not leaving it behind.