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Take your time

The airport is not the place to go for a leisurely stroll, especially postsecurity. You might have a four-hour layover but that person running up behind you sure doesn’t. Move briskly or keep the way clear for others; no walking four abreast, holding hands (except a child’s) or randomly stopping in a high-traffic area to rummage through your bag. Also, remember that not everyone wants to simply stand on the moving walkway.

Make it all about you

Something went wrong? Remember that you’re likely not the only one affected. If a flight is cancelled that means hundreds of people need to be rebooked and, in most cases, you are no more important than anyone else. Don’t take your frustrations out on the person behind the desk when it is not their fault.

Swarm the gate

The term “gate lice” refers to the hordes of passengers who crowd the gate before their boarding zone is called. Do you want to be an annoying pest? I get it: You desire overhead bin space for your carry-on. But until there is a better system, chill and stay clear. Most airlines have – rightly – started sending would-be queue jumpers to the back of the line. Follow the rules and everyone will board faster.

Be a power hog

While some airports have clued in that power outlets are more important to certain travellers than food, spots to charge devices are still few and awkwardly placed in many terminals. If you see people eyeing your plugged-in devices with envy, power up enough to get by and then let someone else have a turn. Or, even better, carry a multi-USB hub with you and be the airport hero.

Waste everyone’s time

Don’t be the fumbling passenger at security who wastes everyone’s time. Be ready. Empty your water bottle. Show your passport and boarding pass to get into the line, and show the pass again to the screener. Put your laptop in a bin by itself. Take off your jacket and any similar layers. Remove everything from your pockets.