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Go for flowers

Whether for work, budget or other reasons, we can’t always book into a stylish property. An easy way to brighten up a drab space? Fresh flowers. This is also a great excuse to explore a local market or have a friendly chat with a street vendor. Where are you going to put these buds? In a flat-pack travel vase (Google it).

Unpack your bags

Honestly, the easiest, cheapest way to make any hotel room look better is to unpack. Hang up those shirts and dresses (call housekeeping if you need more hangers), put your toiletries in a drawer and hide the luggage in the closet. Living out of your suitcase is never chic.

Light a candle

Five-star hotels are often imbued with a signature scent. Freshen up your suite with your favourite fragrance by toting a travel candle. What makes it “travel”? It comes in a little metal tin with a lid, so you don’t need to worry about wax getting all over your dress pants. Just remember to blow it out before bedtime.


That stands for Bring Your Own Robe. There is something about lounging around half-dressed that screams “luxury.” Unfortunately robes are typically the domain of five-star properties. So go ahead and do it yourself. NB: silk robes won’t take up much room in your carry-on.

Pamper yourself

Stock your room with a nice local spirit or wine, fancy nuts and perhaps even some cheese and crackers and – ta da! – you have your own luxe minibar (at a fraction of the price). Indulge in a face or hair mask and – voila! – it’s like an in-room spa treatment.

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