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A passenger takes a photo from the train as it winds through the Alps. The train has three classes: second, first and Prestige, with the latter offering customizable seats that can be swivelled, heated and reclined. On board, you can purchase a variety of food and beverages, which can be pre-booked, including a breakfast box, apero-plate package and caviar package, all of which are served right at your seat.Stephanie Foden/The Globe and Mail

From this moment on, you can hop aboard a new high-tech train in Switzerland named after Shania Twain. The Canadian singer, who has lived in the central European country for more than a decade, “is the godmother of the Shania Train,” declared the Montreux Oberland Bernois Railway.

The Shania Train is a clever marketing strategy that has brought eyes to the GoldenPass Express (GPX), which links Interlaken with Montreux and winds through some of the most spectacular spots in the Swiss Alps. Twain has resided on Lake Geneva near the terminus station with her Swiss husband, Frédéric Thiébaud, for a decade, so being dubbed the train’s godmother isn’t a stretch. (Hers is one of two that will run the route; the other is the Gstaad, as named by Swiss skier by Mike von Grunigen.)

Open this photo in gallery:Shania Train Switzerland

People enjoying the view at Eiger Glacier station, situated at an elevation of 2,320 meters above sea level. The station is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. At the top, visitors can partake in a range of activities, including skiing, snowboarding and hiking. There are also several restaurants, souvenir shops and an observation deck.Stephanie Foden/The Globe and Mail

Open this photo in gallery:Shania Train Switzerland

The GoldenPass Express passes through Saanen in the Gstaad region. The train meanders through the Bernese Alps, Pays-d'Enhaut and Vaud Riviera. Passengers used to face the inconvenience of two transfers due to the varying track sizes along the route. But now, travellers can relish the experience without any interruptions as the entire journey can be completed in one uninterrupted stretch.Stephanie Foden/The Globe and Mail

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Selina Riegert, left, and Maciek Wala, right, eat cheese fondue at a Fondue Caquelon in Saneen. Visitors can hike and have a fondue picnic in the mountains at one of the five caquelons spread throughout the region. You can get a fondue backpack at a cheese shop in Gstaad where you will have all the tools and ingredients for a fondue picnic.Stephanie Foden/The Globe and Mail

While Twain’s Instagram endorsement of the inaugural journey to more than two million followers generated excitement, it is the train’s advanced technology and picturesque route that will captivate all travellers, not just fans of the star’s music.

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A view from a tower from the stunning medieval castle, Château de Chillon, located on the shore of Lake Geneva, near the town of Montreux. The castle, which dates back to the Bronze Age, sits on a rocky island and is surrounded by water creating a natural moat, providing it with a unique and strategic defensive position. Chillon is the most visited historic building in Switzerland and is renowned for its beautiful medieval architecture.Stephanie Foden/The Globe and Mail

The idea for the rail line has been percolating since the 1930s, but challenging Alps terrain delayed repeated efforts over the decades. Enter the GPX, which made its first trip in December, 2022. Using state-of-the-art technology, the train is able to change the gauge of its wheels and raise its coaches, meaning it can adjust to different platform heights on either side and handle both mountain railways and high-speed tracks.

The train departs from Interlaken, a popular skiing and hiking destination known for impressive natural beauty, and heads toward the stunning Lake Geneva region. Throughout the journey, which clocks in at three hours and 15 minutes, passengers are treated to spectacular views of snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys and crystalline rivers.

Riders can disembark along the way, as the train makes several stops through the Alps, including picturesque Gstaad, famous for its chalet-style architecture and where the Grammy-award winner is a frequent visitor. Upon arrival in Montreux, travellers can explore the region’s rolling vineyards, stroll along the waterfront promenade or visit the Château de Chillon, a medieval castle that sits on the shores of the lake.

Open this photo in gallery:Shania Train Switzerland

The Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic, located in the heart of Montreux across the street from the train station for the Golden Pass Express. The hotel is housed in a historic building that dates back to the 19th century and has been beautifully restored to its former grandeur. The hotel offers stunning views of Lake Geneva and the surrounding Alps with many of its rooms and suites featuring private balconies.Stephanie Foden/The Globe and Mail

If you go: GoldenPass Express tickets can be booked on the GPX website. Currently the train runs once daily, but frequency will be upped to four times a day starting June 11.

The writer was a guest of the Swiss Tourism Board. It did not review or approve the story before publication.