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With days divided between Primal, the established Italian resto showcasing Saskatchewan grains, and the newly opened Pop Wine Bar, sommelier and general manager Adrian Chappell still makes time to check out what’s new in Saskatoon.

She suggests a morning stop at the newest coffee bar in the city’s Broadway District, Junior Café. breakfast sandwiches are palate-pleasing and affordable, says Chappell, who enjoys a coffee and morning snack as part of her Saturday routine, and browsing nearby shops such as Bulk Cheese Warehouse, with all the fixings for a picnic.

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The Prairie Lily.Louis Christ/The Prairie Lily

For a different perspective, Chappell urges visitors to sail on the Prairie Lily, a riverboat cruise which meanders the South Saskatchewan River, highlighting the history, architecture and art of the city’s Meewasin Valley. Notable stops are the Delta Hotels Bessborough and the Remai Modern; plus, public art can be spotted on shore. Of note: The bold jackrabbit depicted exploring Saskatoon by artist Josh Jacobson is called Inner City, one of region’s largest murals.

Chappell would encourage guests at Pop Wine Bar to raise a toast to cinq a sept with a chilled glass of Pet-Nat (pétillant-naturel) and oysters, sourced fresh from Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

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