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A hot destination under a shelter of thick snow

Want to sleep in a castle of ice? Hotel de Glace, a short drive outside Quebec City, is open until March 25. (Yes, there is a real mattress - not just ice - under the fur throw.)

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The music is thumping and few can resist the urge to move to the beat in the ice hotel bar.

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Vanessa Provencher pours the signature cider drink in, not on, the rocks.

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Park your sleigh outside your room. A guided tour of the hotel is worth the expense ($43.75 for a family, $17.50 for an adult). Soon, an outdoor skating rink and snow and ice slide will open to the public.

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Going to the chapel and we're going to get married... Designers in Quebec City are fashioning bridal gowns specifically for ice hotel weddings. Fur stoles are a must.

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