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If you think Basque Country is the best part of Spain's northern coast, keep exploring

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Explore the “beach of the cathedrals,” known locally as Playa de las Catedrales on the Cantabric coast.


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Leave the coast and head for the Cantabrian Mountains.


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Discover glacial lakes, green valleys and Europe’s largest bear population in the 300 square kilometre Somideo nature reserve.


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Wander through Cudillero, a charming fishing port perched on the side of a mountain.


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A roman bridge in Asturius.


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Bilbao’s world renowned Guggenheim makes this town a must-see, but there are more architectural treasures to discover.


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Pilgrims climb the stairs to the Covadonga chapel and Don Pelayo’s tomb on their knees.

Guillermo del Olmo Pintado/TourSpain

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