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Explore the Efendi Hotel in the coastal town of Acre

The hotel is a short walk from the Mediterranean sea, museums, the Crusader tunnels and an ancient market

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Ottoman arches in the hotel lobby were restored to their former glory during an eight and a half year restoration. Hotel owner Uri Jeremias invited Israel’s Department of Antiquities to oversee the preservation of the property’s marble floors, frescoes and painted ceilings.

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Each of the 11 rooms at the Efendi Hotel are bright, with large windows for sea and mountain views.

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Wine tastings with the best of Israeli wines, cheeses and charcuterie, take place in the wine cellar. When you’re down here, take a close look at the walls – the base is from the Byzantine era (almost 2,000 years ago), the midsection built during the Crusades (900 years ago) and the top from the more recent Ottoman period (500 years ago).

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Stencilled ceilings decorate the rooms. Artists from the school for historic preservation in Venice helped restore the elaborate drawings.

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