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The achingly beautiful wilderness in northern B.C. remains one of Canada's best-kept secrets

Crossing the Chischa River in Muskwa-Kechika. Even in late June, vast pans of snow remain on the shady banks.

Bruce Kirkby

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Curious caribou approach from behind to investigate the horses.

Bruce Kirkby

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Wayne Sawchuk, left, tosses a cinch to his partner before heading back on the trail. Loading 20 horses took six hours on the first day, but less than two hours by the trip’s end.

Bruce Kirkby

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Wayne Sawchuck sorting out tangled saddle and panniers, just minutes after finding the lost pack horse, Buddy.

Bruce Kirkby

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Hobbled horses are free to graze in evening light, amid a ghost forest of burnt spruce in the Muskwa-Kechika, B.C.

Bruce Kirkby

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The pack string drops toward the Chischa River in one of the only original ecosystems in all of North America.

Bruce Kirkby

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The heart of the Muskwa Kechika - a big land!

Bruce Kirkby

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