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Fez in photos: a family trip like no other

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If you forget how to tie a Berber turban, there are always instructions on YouTube.

Ray O’Reilly

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In Fez, donkeys are a popular beast of burden, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a little love from a visitor.

Ray O’Reilly

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A hillside view of the Medina contrasts hugely with the view from the claustrophobic maze of alleys and souks below.

Ray O’Reilly

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The spectacular sand dunes of the Merzouga desert along the Algerian border are a great place to play.

Ray O’Reilly

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A trip highlight was the dromedary trek to see the sunrise. They were surprisingly more comfortable to ride than we expected.

Ray O’Reilly

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Kasbahs both working and abandoned sit silently near desert oases across Morocco.

Ray O’Reilly

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