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The annual 'tomatina' event draws tourists from across the globe to the village of Bunol

Revellers throw tomatoes during the annual "tomatina" tomato fight fiesta in the village of Bunol, near Valencia, Spain, Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012.ALBERTO SAIZ/The Associated Press

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Revellers kiss each other.ALBERTO SAIZ/The Associated Press

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Bunol's town hall estimated more than 40,000 people took up arms Wednesday.ALBERTO SAIZ/The Associated Press

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A reveller pours tomato pulp into the crowd.HEINO KALIS/Reuters

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The origin of the tomato fight is disputed – everyone in Bunol seems to have a favourite story – but most agree it started around 1940, in the early years of General Francisco Franco's dictatorship.HEINO KALIS/Reuters

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Revellers embrace each other after the annual tomato fight.HEINO KALIS/Reuters

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People come from as far away as Japan and Australia to particpate.HEINO KALIS/Reuters

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An estimated 100 tons of tomatoes was used in the yearly fight.HEINO KALIS/Reuters

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A reveller battles in tomato pulp.HEINO KALIS/Reuters

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A participant is pelted with tomatoes.HEINO KALIS/Reuters

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Tomato wrestling, anyone?HEINO KALIS/Reuters

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The festival is now in its 64th year.HEINO KALIS/Reuters

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Yeah, he’s going to need a shower.HEINO KALIS/Reuters

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A love offering?HEINO KALIS/Reuters

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Now that’s a food fight.ALBERTO SAIZ/The Associated Press

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Revellers play in tomato pulp.ALBERTO SAIZ/The Associated Press

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The week-long festival also features music, parades, dancing and fireworks.ALBERTO SAIZ/The Associated Press

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A reveller wipes tomato pulp from his face.ALBERTO SAIZ/The Associated Press

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It’s enough to make a tomato-lover cry.ALBERTO SAIZ/The Associated Press

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