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Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan.

To celebrate Parks Canada's 100th anniversary, we asked for your stories and photos. Reader Elaine Blau writes:

The parking lot is empty at the East Block of Grasslands National Park. Perfect. We load up our supplies and water, sling our packs onto our backs and head off.

River. Have to cross it. Cross it.

My husband leans over, his backpack shifts and he falls. When he gets up, his finger is hockey-sticked away from his hand. We're a long way from a hospital and an X-ray. I grab his finger and firmly pull it back into position. Luckily, tape is in the top of my backpack and his finger is buddy-taped.

He refuses the backtrack/X-ray option. We are off.

We are gloriously alone, surrounded by sky.

Special to The Globe and Mail

When Elaine Blau and Brian McHattie married seven years ago, they set a lofty goal: to visit all of Canada's national parks together. They are halfway through their tour.

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