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Bud Vase Set Seasonal Collection from the Heath Ceramics store in Los Angeles.

I always fall hard for the chilled-out vibe in L.A. I don't care if it's real or not – I eat that mellow, earthy stuff up with a spoon. Or in the case of Heath Ceramics, it might be a plate or bowl. The Heath store on Beverly Boulevard is where I go when I want to take a piece of L.A.-casual home with me.

These mid-century-iconic dishes are organically glazed in colours like persimmon, avocado and cocoa. Everything looks yummier served on a piece Heath – in fact, Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse has a custom line of the ceramics you can buy for yourself – but if lugging plates sounds daunting, you can opt for a perfectly shaped bud vase or pitcher instead. Prices start at about $30 for a small bowl.