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The country with the best trained guides gets you close to the wildlife

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A sunset walk in Zimbabwe.

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A warning to safari-goers in the bush.

Tim Johnson

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Taking in the view – of hippos – in Zimbabwe.

African Bush Camps

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Despite the inherent risks of approaching wild animals on foot, guides keep guests safe, and it has been years since anyone was injured inside Hwange National Park.

African Bush Camps

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In Hwange National Park we passed scores of animals, from timid impalas to playful baboons, majestic giraffes, quirky little warthogs and more zebra than I could count.

Tim Johnson

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Alfresco dining at Ilala Lodge in Zimbabwe. The boutique hotel is close to Victoria Falls.

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On ‘canoeing safaris,’ you can paddle past elephants, hippos, buffalo and crocs.

African Bush Camps

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See gazelles in action on a walking safari.

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