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Avoid Patsy Cline costuming with this updated look: Navajo-inspired, vertical-paneled blouses by Calgary designer Caitlin Power, available in orange and black. $325;

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With its velvet lapels and gold button chain, Calgary designer Aleem Arif's London tux recalls the bankers' jackets of the early 20th century, when the Stampede was born. $250;

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Calgary designer Dee Fontans pours dirt from Alberta's oil fields into her ‘BFF’ Bangles – her girlfriend drives a mining truck in Fort McMurray and ‘scrapes the black gold out from the tread of her boots.’ The set of four also holds cubic zirconias and gold and silver casting. $120.00 to $200.00 each or $500 for set of four;

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Hand-built by Calgary designer Eric Goodwin, the Himalaya backpack is a grittier take on the canvas backpacks the stylish set won’t leave home without. Goodwin’s design boasts heavy leather strapping, solid brass hardware and a shell in waterproof cotton duck canvas. $300;

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Smithbilt has crafted 100 centennial cowboy hats from pure beaver felt, accenting each with a sterling silver hat buckle. Each is custom fitted, hand shaped and printed with your name on the inside leather band. Smithbilt will clean and shape the centennial hat once annually for life. $1,500;

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Select a personal favourite (shown), or walk the walk in one of only 100 Alberta Cowboy Boots made by iconic Alberta Boot Co. with full quill ostrich vamps (or tops), kangaroo shafts and full leather lining and soles. (Cowhide $400, kangaroo $600, exotics surpass $1,000; $1,300 for the Alberta Cowboy Boots; customized combos like ostrich-alligator run about $3,000;

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Alberta artisan Scott Hardy crafted the official centennial belt buckle in sterling silver and gold. It's centrepiece – the iconic Stampede horse "I-See-U," previously immoritalized on the 1923 poster. Dress buckle $2,600; rodeo buckle $2,950 (only 100 of each made);

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