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Forillon National Park, Quebec.Jakub Vodsedalek

To celebrate Parks Canada's 100th anniversary, we asked for your stories and photos. Reader Jakub Vodsedalek writes:

I took this picture on a trip to the Gaspé peninsula in May. Spring had not fully arrived and I was virtually the only person there.

The photo was taken in mid-May at Forillon National Park from the summit of Mont St-Alban, 283 metres above sea level. Spring comes late to Forillon park, and you can still see some snow on the slopes below. This view of Cap Gaspé looks upon the rocky cliffs that form a protected bird sanctuary that was milling with seabirds. The majesty of the ocean surrounding the sheltered bird cove left me awed.

Seeing the mouth of the Saint Lawrence as it opens out into the ocean in Gaspé, based on a Mi'kmaq word meaning "land's end," made me appreciate all the more why Forillion is a national park.

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