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The fascinating mix of destruction and innovation in Christchurch

Wondering what to expect after the earthquakes a few years ago?

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Christchurch Cathedral is still rebuilding two years after the earthquakes.

Dominic Schaefer

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Worshippers now use the transitional “Cardboard Cathedral.” Note the cardboard tube pulpit design.

Dominic Schaefer

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Kids play at the model-making table in Christchurch’s Quake City attraction.

Dominic Schaefer

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The Christchurch Gondola, which takes you up to the collapsed crater’s rim on the Port Hills.

Dominic Schaefer

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The Brewery is the best place to hangout out with the Cantabrian locals in Christchurch.

Dominic Schaefer

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Christchurch’s Container City, a shopping centre on Cashel Street, consisting of temporary building made from shipping containers.

Dominic Schaefer

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