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You can take the party outdoors in La Belle Province's annual winter festival

Bonhomme waves at the crowd gathered for opening night fireworks on the Plains of Abraham.

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Crowds gathered to cheer on the dogsled racers on the opening weekend of Carnaval in Quebec City. You can have your own dogsledding experience on the Plains of Abraham.

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Join the beginners and the twirlers at the outdoor rink outside Palais Montcalm. Or join Bonhomme on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Place d'Youville.

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Doing somersaults - literally - for Carnaval. Save the BeaverTail for after.

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After trying the ice slide at Carnaval, buy a turn on the ice slide on the boardwalk in front of Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.

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A 16th-century gossip chair at Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac meets 21st-century technology: "He asked you to the dance?? Awkward!!"

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Snow rafting is a thrill at Carnaval.

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Take a ride down the spine-thumping ice slide at Carnaval.

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Bonhomme, beloved by young and old, French and English alike, leads Carnaval's opening night celebration.

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