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The new animated film may be based on a Hans Christian Andersen tale, but its animators took note of awe-inspiring locations in this Nordic country for its scenic backdrops

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In the wintry forests of Arendelle, Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell), Olaf the snowman (Josh Gad), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Sven the reindeer make plans.Disney/The Associated Press

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Inspiration for Sven, the reindeer that follows Kristoff around like a dog in Frozen, was found in Roros, a former mining town and UNESCO site in Norway. Disney art directors travelled here to get a feel for winter weather and landscapes.Terje Rakke

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Here lies the kingdom of Arendelle, before the weather turns in Frozen.Disney

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Arendelle was inspired by the UNESCO site Naeroyfjord, an arm of the Sognefjord, Norway’s longest fjord. The area is known for its dramatic scenery and glacial lakes.Visit Norway

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To make Frozen’s world more realistic, animators draw on the long nights and light shows well known to Norwegians.Disney

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Travellers to Ersfjord in Tromso are often treated to deliriously beautiful Northern Lights in the night skies.Bjorn Jorgensen

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A scene where characters make their way through ghostly snow covered trees in Frozen....Disney/The Associated Press

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...could have been inspired by chilly walks through the forests of Evenes in Northern Norway, which is also another popular spot to view the Northern Lights.Paal Hermansen

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