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Health and wellness gear when you're on the go

Gear to help you exercise and de-stress while you're away from home

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Track It's easier to meet target heart rates while riding high in the Andes Mountains than when riding at sea level. The Polar CS500 makes adjustments to training requirements according to changes in your environment. Built for hard-core cyclists who like to track their stats, it logs the times, distances and changes in altitude of each ride, sets personalized optimal heart-rate zones based on age and counts calories burned. $379.99,

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Listen Tune in on the running trail without having to fuss with earbuds. The moisture-absorbing i360 Headphone Sportband not only keeps the sweat off your brow, it doubles as a personal sound system. The built-in pocket and earphone design emits music straight from your iPod Nano to built-in speakers that sit over your ears. Sound can filter to the outside world, so if you don't want others listening to your playlist, keep the volume low. $29.95,

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Pressure The Yantra Mat takes a "no pain, no gain" approach to stress relief. Covered in sharp spikes that hone in on the body's thousands of pressure points, the acupressure mat is an ideal place to lie down and treat your aches and pains after a long day of sightseeing (the spiked cover can be separated from the foam mat). Ten minutes on the Yantra Mat purportedly provides the same benefits as a 90-minute massage. $54.99,

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