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If you’re keen to share your holiday adventures as they’re happening, start filming with the Looxcie HD Explore. The tiny, hands-free video camera can be mounted on a helmet, tripod or baseball cap and takes high-definition (1080p) footage. Connect it wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet and you’ll be able to send live video streams to your Facebook page. $329.99 (U.S.);

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Be prepared for blackouts and unexpected airport delays with the Eton Boost Turbine. The pocket-sized, turbine power generator fires up your fading electronic gadgets in minutes. Crank the manual arm to give your mobile device enough juice for a short call or a few emergency texts. When fully charged it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery),it can power up your gadgets like a normal charger. $60 (U.S.);

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Whether you’re on an evening game drive or an early morning bird-watching excursion, Nikon’s Monarch 5 10x42 APG ATB can help spot the wildlife. The waterproof, fog-proof binocular has multicoated lenses that adjust to different light conditions and an easy-to-control focus knob that keeps the view sharp. The slim, lightweight design is perfect for packing. $389.95;

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