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Travel roundup: Three hits of hot travel news.


The tent that's really a cottage

Talk about luxury camping. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on Vancouver Island now offers ensuite bathrooms - featuring in-floor heating, flush toilets and indoor-outdoor showers - in 12 of its 20 tents. Previously all accommodation had composting toilets with showers located in a separate building. Because the ecolodge is located in a UNESCO World Biosphere, the new plumbing comes with its own sewage- and water-treatment plant and is billed as having zero impact on flora and fauna.


Departing with the departed

A Cypriot monk was detained at Athens airport after security staff discovered a skull and parts of a skeleton in his luggage. He claimed that he was transporting relics of a saint to his monastery. The remains turned out to be those of a nun who died four years ago, but church officials denied that she was a saint. The monk was charged with theft and desecrating the dead. His monastery suspended him for three months for going away without leave.


Cruising for a connection

It isn't only exotic ports and gourmet meals that lure singles over 50 to cruise ships. More than half of them are looking for romance, according to a survey by the British website In a poll of 1,021 50-plus single cruisers, 53 per cent said they went cruising in the hope of finding love. Seventeen per cent of that group admitted to having a romantic relationship on board. But only 6 per cent continued the romance once back home.

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