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Not enough time: 6 things I'd do on a return trip to Cayman

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It is a near tragedy that I came to the Cayman Islands, one of the world’s top diving destinations, without a license to Scuba.

On my next visit, this is at the top of the list: learn to Scuba, invest in an underwater camera case, then dive the USS Kittiwake site, a United states submarine rescue vessel, sunk along the Cayman reef as a dive attraction.

Cayman Department of Tourism

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Like magic, on certain nights of each month, a nook of the Caribbean Sea off of Grand Cayman glows like a black light: (remember Life of Pi? This actually happens.) The phenomenon occurs all over the world, but rarely in such concentation.

Sadly, the days I was in the Caymans, mother nature didn’t provide the ‘underwater fireworks’. When I go back, I’ll make sure I’m in sync and book a night time kayak tour.

Courtney Platt/Cayman Department of Tourism

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Little Cayman boasts one of the largest colonies of red-footed Boobies - I’d love to visit the Booby Pond Nature reserve on the saltwater lagoon and see them in all their glory.

The area provides a perfect habitat for many rare wetland and shore birds - a must-see, if only I had more time.

Burrard-Lucas Photography/Cayman Department of Tourism

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I was only on Cayman Brac - the third Cayman Island - for a matter of minutes, as our tiny plane stopped to pick up a few passengers on the way to Grand Cayman.

If I had more time, I would’ve taken reader advice to tour the caves and nature reserves of the largely-untouched island. A lot of original Cayman heritage can be found here, too as it is a longtime home of native Cayman fisherman.

Cayman Department of Tourism

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Kaibo, a restaurant on the North side of the Caymans, celebrates the full moon in style with an outoor, on-the-beach dinner party called Luna Del Mar. (Think paper lanterns, pillows and tiki torches.)

While there was a full moon when I was there, I was too chicken at the time to drive that far, at night - now that I’m a pro with left-handed driving, I’ll definitely make the trip on my second visit.

Cayman Department of Tourism

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Starfish Point is a remote beach situated on the Northern Coast where starfish gather in the dozens in shallow water.

My mom and I made the drive to Rum Point, just a few minutes away, but couldn’t make it to see the starfish before sundown. Next time, little guys. Department of Tourism

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