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Travel to the Great Bear Lodge in Smith Inlet is by float plane.

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A calm evening on the estuary – islands of silt, topped with Lyngby sedge, reflected in the still waters at the mouth of the Nekite River.

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An eagle airing its wings high in a tree.

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The Great Bear Lodge (right, with blue roof) and other floating buildings bob on the edge of Smith Inlet.

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A roasted squash and ginger soup with caramelized apples by chef Allison Barnes.

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A bear named Bo Diddley meanders across the sedge, searching for food.

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Mist hangs low in the valleys along the steep fjords of the Great Bear Rain Forest.

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Blakeley Adkins holds a lays clump of northwestern salamander eggs.

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Banana slugs help to recycle decaying material in the coastal rain forest.

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Fresh pea soup and grilled ham and cheese for lunch at the Great Bear Lodge.

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