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The world's best markets: Readers share their photos

Bustling stalls are the best way to dive into the tastes and traditions of a new culture. Globe Travel readers share their favourites

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Emily Baillie was taken by the “full sensory experience” of the souks in Marrakesh, including this rack of hand-dyed leather footwear.

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In the Djenne, Mali market, Kevin Harries remembers “blaring truck horns, bleating goats, haggling – and most commonly laughter – rang throughout.”

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Grace Willan couldn’t stop taking pictures at an indoor market in Goa, India, where “the vendors were as colourful as the produce.”

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In Sanliurfa, Eastern Turkey, Indira Barthelemy captured piles of flaked chili peppers, varying from mild to hot, red and brown, plain and smoked. “I came back with a probably illegal amount of pepper flakes in my suitcase!”

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Mardi Michels noticed the location of the “floating market” around Burma’s Inle Lake changed depending on the day.

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Who wouldn't want to buy strawberry papayas from this gentleman in Hilo on Hawaii island, writes Lisa Homer.

Lisa Homer

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In Khajurhao, India, Anita Morin toured the must-see market and was reminded that “not everyone has the same food choices that we do.”

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Maureen McPhee shares this photo of Ottaway’s Byward Market. No trip to Canada’s capital is complete without a stop here, especially during tomato season.

Maureen McPhee

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In Chiang Mai, Thailand, David Corks filled up on banana-leaf omelettes before discovering even more tempting delicacies on the next block.

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Harold Johansen’s favourite market is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, 100 kilometres west of Bangkok. “Take a fun boat ride through the canals to the market and see local Thai houses and people as they go about their daily activities.”

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Donna and Jim McPherson describe the farmer’s market in the central highland city of Antigua, Guatemala as a must-see. “Sitting on the ground surrounded by their products with many other vendors, local farmers lovingly dispense their wares to the locals in the city."

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Erin Wray admired the piles of fruits and vegetables she found touring Barcelona’s La Boqueria market.

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Mulled wine, sparkling lights, carols and adorable ornaments: Despite the crowds, Stephan Telka enjoyed the nighttime liveliness of the Christmas market in Speyer, Germany.

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