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Hurtigruten?s NordNorge sailed into Guinness Book of World Records for longest live TV documentary broadcast.

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On the seas

A 134-hour live broadcast from a cruise ship has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the longest live TV documentary ever. From June 16 to 22, a film crew recorded the slowly changing vistas as the Hurtigruten cruiseliner NordNorge sailed along Norway's scenic coastline.

Shown on Norway's second-largest public TV channel, Hurtigruten - Minute by Minute garnered higher ratings than the regular programs it replaced. Three million Norwegians tuned in, while nearly as many from 148 countries watched online. For highlights, go to

In the air

Airlines continue to amaze and confound passengers with new ways to tack on extra fees. The latest is JetBlue, which now offers an Even More Speed option permitting use of priority security lines at 14 U.S. airports. Initially it can be purchased only in conjunction with the carrier's existing Even More Space add-on, which provides extra legroom in the front of cabins. Prices for the combined Even More bundle start at $10 for a short flight and rise to $100 for longer distances.

In the room

About one in five guests at Canadian and U.S. hotels experience a problem, according to the latest North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Survey conducted by J.D. Power & Associates. Noise was the most common complaint. Only about one-third of the noise issues were resolved by the hotel, the findings indicated. Even though hotel rates are rising, satisfaction with costs and fees was 3-per-cent higher than in 2010. Satisfaction with facilities and services, however, has dropped by 1 per cent.

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