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Don't pay to check that bag - try these 3 carry-ons

With fees going up, the carry-on bag has become the traveller's newest - and cheapest - best friend. Here are three luggage styles that'll suit all your on-board needs

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Squeeze more in If you have a tendency to overpack, then Heys Latitude is built for you. The wide-body design maximizes the bag’s internal capacity without exceeding carry-on size limits. It also features Heys signature lightweight polycarbonate shell and spinner wheels that make for easy manoeuvring through busy airports. Available as part of a three-piece luggage set. $479.97;

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Foul-weather friend Keep your cargo safe with the Hideo Wakamatsu Tarpaulin Carry-On Trolley. Made from water- and shred- resistant materials, it protects the contents of your bag from damage caused by inclement weather and rough handling. Adjustable straps around the body allow it to expand and contract to fit the size of your load, while smooth-running wheels allow for silent gliding. $190 (U.S.);

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Pack ’n’ go The Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag is built for quick getaways. With the look of a classic weekend bag, it can pack in an ample supply of clothes, toiletries and reading material. The most sensible feature, however, is an external zippered compartment that keeps shoes or dirty laundry separate. Clip on the detachable shoulder strap and you can travel hands-free. $80 (U.S.);

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