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From Arizona to Nepal: reader travel photos of the week

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Marina Komolova, Toronto: Sunset at Kata beach, Phuket, Thailand

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Tyron Breytenbach, Toronto: Snow monkey bathing in the 'onsens' (hot springs) in the mountainous region of Nagano, Japan

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Tyron Breytenbach, Toronto: Winter at the Grand Canyon, South Rim, Arizona

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Tyron Breytenbach, Toronto: Sunrise in Joshua Tree National Park, Calif.

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Sara Gillians: Elephant safari looking for Bengal tigers in Chitwan National Park, Nepal

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Torah Kachur, Edmonton: Near Dallol in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Watching the salt caravan start their six-day journey to market from the hottest place on the planet was both enchanting and mesmerizing.

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Robert Mintak, North Vancouver Sunset at the Grand Wailea, Hawaii

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Erin Cipollone, Canmore, Alta.: Gokyo, Nepal: The Gokyo Lakes are the highest system of freshwater lakes in the world.

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Katie Olsson, Toronto: This is my favourite photo from a recent trip to Myanmar. It was taken at sunset in Bagan. As much as it looks like this monk is just enjoying the view, he actually had his own camera and was taking photos of the incredible view just like the rest of us.

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Philip Webster, Ottawa: This was taken in Namib Naukluft National Park in Namibia, home to the highest sand dunes in the world. The dune at the end of the ephemeral Tsauchab river is about 170 metres high and is being climbed here by Pam Allen.

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Anna Mochnacka, Barcelona: The Caucasus mountains, near Mestia in Svaneti region, Georgia

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Don Zeghers, Holland, Man.: A winter day in Ghent, Belgium

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Don Zeghers, Holland, Man.: Impalas on a creek, central Serengeti

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Tyron Breytenbach, Toronto: This bamboo grove near Kyoto, Japan, has to be one of the most zen places on earth. A narrow path winds through the age-old stands of bamboo.

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Tony R. Wagstaff, Kitchener, Ont.: I was preparing to photograph the sound-and-light show that occurs every night in Hong Kong, when an illuminated tourist junk came sailing by

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