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Fight back against winter's bite with heated fleece, arctic headgear and high-end snowshoes

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Top it: If you’re not a fan of tight tuques and puffy hoods, then protect your noggin in style with the Kaldi Arctic Hat. Made by 66°NORTH, a world-renowned purveyor of foul-weather gear, this traditional Icelandic hat comes with an itch-free boiled-wool outer shell, faux-fur lining and ear flaps with strings that come in handy on blustery winter days. $84;

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Heat it: Sometimes the winter chill can bite right through your extra layers. Bite back with ActivHeat’s Heated Jacket. Using materials originally developed for the aerospace industry, the windproof, non-bulky fleece has three battery-powered heat zones that can warm up your chilliest body parts for up to five hours per charge. Use the multilevel controller to adjust the heat setting up and down as needed. $129.95;

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Shoe it: Navigate even the thickest blanket of snow with a pair of MSR Lightning Ascent 22. Crafted specifically for icy and mountainous terrain, these lightweight, 100-per-cent waterproof snowshoes can come in handy during inner-city snowstorms as well. With 360-degree grip for ultimate traction, and a special heel lifter that reduces calf strain, you can walk for hours in the white stuff without feeling fatigued. $269;

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