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Travel news from around the globe

In space

German insurance giant Allianz plans to offer policies for space travellers beginning in January. Initial purchases are expected to come from the 450 wealthy adventurers who have paid over $200,000 for five-minute trips on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. Blasting into sub-orbital space, they will experience weightlessness and see the curvature of the Earth. Insurance prices could be in the range of $700 to $10,000, the company says. It describes space tourism as a "new market for the next generation of travellers."

In the john

Canadians don't like getting diarrhea on vacation. In fact 73 per cent of us would prefer to swim with sharks, get badly sunburned, spot cockroaches in our hotel room or lose our luggage. That's according to an online Leger Marketing survey called State of Vacation: Canadians' Perspectives on Travellers' Diarrhea. As well, one in three reported having had diarrhea on holidays or travelling with someone who did. The survey sponsor, Crucell Vaccines just happens to make Dukoral, a travellers' diarrhea vaccine.

On the seas

To keep Australian cruisers happy, Carnival will "Aussify" one of its ships sailing out of Sydney starting next October. That means providing a barbeque, better coffee, beer on tap, lamb on the dining menu and no more American bacon. Also in the works are pokies (Australian poker machines), expanded workout facilities and the renaming of "ping pong" to "table tennis." Tipping will also be abolished. No word yet on any Carnival plans to Canadianize a ship with Tim Horton's coffee and hockey rink.

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