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Lovers seal their relationship with a padlock on bridges around the globe. (BELA SZANDELSZKY/AP)
Lovers seal their relationship with a padlock on bridges around the globe. (BELA SZANDELSZKY/AP)

Love at first flight: Readers tell tales of travel romance Add to ...

Our little bundle of love
My husband and I met in Australia. We were both there on a working-holiday visa and met about four months into the year away. I am from Toronto and Daniel is from Montreal; we have been married 3 1/2 years and have a daughter named Sydney, since that is where we met. Richelle DellaVella-Johnston

Love at 30,000 feet
One of the biggest surprises of my life was meeting my hubby on a Canada 3000 flight. It was almost 14 years ago, and we were both flight attendants at the time. We were working the same aisle on the flight and every time he passed me the orange juice over our drink cart, I blushed like mad. He asked me if I was okay, much to my embarassment. We were married at the Millcroft Inn in Alton, Ont., one year later. We’ve both been out of the business for 13 years – our airline went under less than three months after we married – but life is good and travelling brought us together. We still love to get out there! We’ve been to Hawaii, France, U.K., Mexico and on many trips to the U.S. and across Canada since we met. Danielle Wilson

“Don’t fall in love with any Australians’”
As my mother dropped me off at Pearson for a flight to New Zealand, she told me to have a great time, live in the moment and whatever I do “don’t fall in love with any Australians.”

In Queenstown, I was broke and needed a job at the local call centre. In walked Scott with bare feet, in an office.; no one batted an eyelash. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. We chatted a bit and I learned he was Australian. By Saturday of that same week we were inseparable. We spent Christmas together. By February we were living together; I then broke the news to my family. I think they thought it was one of those flings you have when you travel, but I knew it was the real thing. When my visa was up, Scott said he was coming with me. In November, 2011, we moved back to Toronto, my home town. He immediately loved it here. He even raked 40 bags of leaves for my mom, just for fun! On Dec. 22, 2013, Scott proposed during our Christmas vacation to Australia and now we are planning our wedding in the Distillery District this fall. This is the Coles Notes to our love story. I am so happy we met on what turned out to be not only our own personal adventures, but the foundation of what our lives would be – us, together. Natalie Simpson

Last-minute love club
I never expected to meet the love of my life on a trip that I booked last minute. I went to see my best friend in Vancouver and one afternoon at the end of my trip, I was reading The Hunger Games in a bikini on the balcony when Dale walked out. Meeting Dale was about the closest experience to love at first sight that I can imagine. The following day, we hiked in the mountains. Despite knowing I was to fly out the following day back to America, we spent the whole day together. We decided that the best way to stay in touch over the summer would be to write handwritten letters, since Dale would be working on Haida Gwaii with minimal access to Internet or phone service. We never communicated over the phone or e-mail for the whole summer.

The core of our relationship is more than just our independent fondness for travel, but the absolute need for travel to see one another. Finding flight deals, strategizing itineraries, getting days off from work, kissing and crying in airports and spending entire days in transit have all become so familiar to us over the years. We’ve travelled to meet in many different places, including Saratoga Springs, NY; Denver, Colo., Bellingham, Wash., Los Angeles, Austin, Tex., New Orleans – and the list keeps growing! Kathryn Young

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