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what in the world?

A reveller is tossed by a fighting cow during festivities in Pamplona. SpainJOSEBA ETXABURU/Reuters

A bunch of bull

Always dreamed of running with the bulls? You don't have to travel to Pamplona, Spain, to get your fix. On Aug. 24, the Great Bull Run is being staged at a drag-racing strip outside Richmond, Va., while another will take place at a horse park near Atlanta in October.

More than 5,000 people are expected to participate in each event. Asked to explain the appeal of being chased by stampeding beasts with horns, organizer Rob Dickens focused on the athletic aspect: "I think it's just a progression where we are becoming more and more active as a society."

Drink up, kids

A recent poll revealed British children are boozing it up on vacation – with parental permission., a British online travel retailer, surveyed 1,782 parents who'd taken family trips to foreign countries in the past year, and found that 26 per cent had let their under-18 kids drink alcohol. Forty-four per cent of those youngsters had gotten drunk. Common reasons for granting permission included thinking the laws were different abroad or just wanting the children to have fun. Will and Kate will make George drink tea, no matter what Uncle Harry says.

This hotel's all a-Twitter

A Spanish hotel is exploiting Twitter to encourage its young, hard-partying guests to link up romantically. Using the hashtag #socialwave at Mallorca's Sol Wave House, guests can easily chat, share photos and hit on each other.

The self-proclaimed "first Twitter Experience Hotel" also offers #TwitterPartySuites rooms and a #TwitterPoolParty on Fridays. But seriously, dudes, just grow some cojones and go talk to her.

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