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See where to travel to in North America in 2012

Check out these destinations in Quebec, Alberta, Arkansas, South Carolina and Hawaii

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Plan to take time off in July for the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede.

Todd Korol/Reuters

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Hawaii's popularity shows no sign of slowing. Kee Beach, at the foot of the Napali Cliffs, is a popular swimming and snorkelling site.

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Gullah festivals and tours - including a lowcountry roots tour offered by Palmetto Bluff - are just one reason to head to South Carolina.

Tim Zielenbach

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There are so many reasons to spend your holiday in Quebec, but the real drawing card this year is Le Massif de Charlevoix - for the rodelling (sledding), skiing, the gastronomic train, and the hotel that will open in the spring.

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