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A Nok Air model: No, that’s not what the flight attendants wear.

Coffee, tea or hang me on your wall?

Nok Air, a budget Thai airline, stirred up controversy when it released a 2013 calendar packed with Maxim models sporting bikinis, low-cut tops and booty shorts. A spokeswoman for Thailand's Ministry of Culture accused Nok Air of "ignoring social and cultural repercussions – particularly female dignity." Company CEO Patee Sarasin shot back: "Given what the public is exposed to on a daily basis, we believe that we have not crossed the line." Confirming Sarasin's premise, naked ladies were recently spotted on the Internet.

To fly. To serve. To rampage

British Airways has experienced some turbulence recently – due to its own off-duty crew members. On Jan. 26, flight attendants en route to Washington reportedly got drunk on champagne and red wine and whooped it up in the premium seating sections, disturbing sleeping passengers who'd paid as much as £7,500 ($11,680) apiece. Further hullabaloo ensued when their supply of drink was cut off. Meanwhile, a British Airways captain, previously suspended for punching a steward in the face, guzzled several whiskies en route from London to Tokyo before groping a woman seated next to her husband. Fortunately, anyone who gets fired can go straight into British pro soccer.

Kazakhstan or bust

Wondering where to stay on your next trip to Kazakhstan? You could bunk down at the former Soviet republic's first Best Western hotel, which opened this month in Almaty. At the 196-room property in Atakent Park, guests can enjoy traditional Kazakh dishes at the Bastau Restaurant or drink at the Nomad Bar. The hotel's website triumphantly announces: "Please take a note [sic] that 50% of our bedrooms are non-smoking!" Borat jokes are strictly prohibited.

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