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This week’s strange travel stories.

Message in a bottle: A Florida woman has found a unique way to honour her dead husband’s love of travel. When Gordon Smith passed away at 57 from a brain hemorrhage after visiting Costa Rica last year, his wife, Beverly, had him cremated and set his ashes afloat in the Atlantic Ocean in a bottle. She also enclosed a note asking any finders to phone and let her know Gordon’s whereabouts, along with $2 to cover the call. According to recent reports, the bottle has shown up in coastal Florida communities, including Islamorada and Key Colony Beach.Getty Images

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The Griswolds strike again: If your surname is Griswold, you might as well go with it. As a tribute to the 30th anniversary of the comedy flick National Lampoon’s Vacation, real-life Steve and Lisa Griswold recently drove with their two daughters to Disney World from their home in Canton, Ga. They rode in a customized metallic pea-coloured station wagon with wood-panel siding that looks like Clark Griswold’s “Wagon Queen Family Truckster.” If you weren’t alive in the 1980s and have no idea what this is all about, well, at least you’re reading the paper.

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’Scuse me, could you spare some airfare?: Travelling around the world without spending a cent might seem unrealistic, but not to Colin Turner. The 44-year-old Irish musician believes so strongly in the ideal of a cashless society that he plans to travel “using only our amazing human network and the inherent goodwill of people that I know is everywhere.” Turner, who claims to have received many offers of free food, shelter and transportation, left his Dublin residence on foot on July 28. He reached Northern Ireland and Scotland before the end of the month. Donald Trump is not impressed.

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