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Three handy tools to help you stay healthy on the road

Don't let unexpected illness spoil your vacation. Here are three things that will help keep your health in check

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Clean water, wherever Whether you’re in Manhattan or Machu Picchu, Kataydn’s MyBottle ensures you won’t be left stranded without a clean supply of water. With the look of a sporty reusable bottle, it has a built-in purifying system and special carbon filters that remove giardia, bacteria and chemicals from unfiltered water. It’s not 100-per-cent effective against viruses, however, so you may not want to risk drinking from dodgy-looking swamps or lakes. Available at Canadian Tire and Mountain Equipment Co-op stores. $49.95;

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Sheets of soap Ever been faced with an empty soap dispenser in a public washroom? Stay fresh wherever you go with the pocket-sized Paper Soap Travel Pack. Its antibacterial soap sheets are carry-on friendly and dissolve as soon as water is added. The set also comes with laundry sheets that can be used for emergency stain cleanups. $10 (U.S.);

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Gluten-free abroad Deciphering menus can be a difficult task for those who can’t eat everything. If you suffer from food allergies or celiac disease, Let’s Eat Out! breaks down the ingredients of commonly found dishes from around the world, providing a guideline on what’s best to skip in countries such as France, Italy, India and Thailand. A handy checklist also gives guidance on how to tackle food choices in hotels and on airlines and cruise ships. $26.95 (U.S.);

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