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You want all the convenience, but none of the bulk. These 3 travel-friendly accessories are life savers that fit the bill - and your bag

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Card carrier Practical Swiss engineering and minimalist Japanese design have turned a traditional multi-tool device into a sleek pocket pal. Crafted in Tokyo by Kazuma Yamaguchi, the Victorinox Tomo has a compact, rectangular casing that is less bulky than the classic Swiss Army knife. While its functionality is basic (you’ll find a blade, nail file, scissors, and key ring inside), its range of colours like lemon yellow, hot pink, and apple green, are fresh and feminine. $25; or 1-800-665-4095

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Grime case F1 Go Clean Set keeps the inner workings of your suitcase clean and chaos-free. The nifty packing aide comes with a laundry bag, two shoe bags, and a pouch for miscellany that tends to get lost in the nooks and crannies of your case. All the bags are made from a heavyweight nylon material that can pack easily while keeping smells, stains, and dirt from infecting the rest of your stuff. $58 (U.S.);

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Brush ’n’ go Is your electric toothbrush weighing you down? Polish your pearly whites with Violight’s SLIM Sonic, a portable battery-operated toothbrush that, at 16.5 centimetres, is light and powerful. The compact design is built for travellers: Its replaceable brush head packs a punch, vibrating at 22,000 strokes per minute, while the vented cap ensures that moisture doesn’t build up on the bristles. $14.95 (U.S.); at checkout, use code GM924 for 15 per cent off your order;

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