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The week's strange travel news.

Britannia doesn't rule the suitcase

According to a new Travelodge survey, U.K. travellers struggle mightily with packing their bags for their summer vacations. The survey, which got responses from 2,000 adults, indicated the British will spend £684-million ($1.1-billion) this year on items such as sweaters, swimsuits and sunglasses they forgot to bring along. Conversely, 67 per cent of respondents habitually overpack, coming home with up to six unworn outfits. Eighty-two per cent claimed they find packing "very stressful," and 20 per cent rely entirely on their partners to do it for them. Where's Mary Poppins when you need her?

Have sick note, will travel

A Belgian tour operator's ad campaign this month got the Flemish education ministry up in arms. The company, Neckermann, claimed it would give sick notes to families with school-aged children so that they could take cheap vacations before the prices go up in July.

A ministry spokesperson huffed: "This is in conflict with the agreements we have made with the travel sector. They can't just entice families to keep their children away from school." Neckermann said the campaign was clearly meant to be humorous, and that parents could be trusted to know what was right for their kids. Take that, education ministry fools!

Put a sari on, lady

To raise money for her trip to Goa, India, a 19-year-old woman recently posed for a nude photo shoot in front of the magnificent Farmers Palace in Kazan, Russia. The resulting spread on wasn't appreciated by ProKazan, a local tabloid. It filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office, alleging that "Nastya K" had demeaned the Tatarstan capital with her exhibitionism. Russian law prescribes up to six years in jail for illegally producing porn. However, a spokesperson for the prosecutor's office said the case was "laughable" and had "no substance," so it's unlikely the woman will do time. But maybe next time she should sell chocolate bars instead.

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