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To celebrate Parks Canada's 100th anniversary, we asked for your stories and photos. Share your pictures and stories about Canada's national parks at

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Reader Samantha Fischer writes: This was taken at Cyprus Lake in Bruce Peninsula National Park. My visit there was incredible! The landscapes, the water and just the general experience was one I will never forget. This picture is of an inukshuk on Indian Head Beach in Tobermory, Ont. Behind the inukshuk, you can catch a glimpse of crystal-clear waters and cliffs. (Editor's note: National parks staff dissuade visitors from altering the natural environment by building inukshuks, and will take them apart upon discovery.)

Samantha Fischer

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Reader Bernie Glick writes: The photo was taken on the road to Moraine Lake in August, 2009. We spent time in Banff and Jasper. We experienced one gorgeous vista after another, some requiring no more effort than stopping by the side of the road and others necessitating uphill climbs.

Bernie Glick

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Reader Jakub Vodsedalek writes: "I took this picture on a trip to the Gaspé peninsula in May. Spring had not fully arrived and I was virtually the only person there. The photo was taken from the summit of Mont St-Alban, 283 metres above sea level. Seeing the mouth of the Saint Lawrence as it opens out into the ocean in Gaspé made me appreciate all the more why Forillon is a national park."

Jakub Vodsedalek

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Readers Reyn O’Born and Jamie Moeller write: "We visited more than 15 national parks last summer as part of a cross-country trip. In 10 weeks, we went to nine provinces … and two territories with our little red Chevy Cavalier and our Canadian Tire tent. We found that Yoho was certainly one of the finest of the parks and one of the least talked about."

Reyn O’Born and Jamie Moeller

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Reader Juanita Sauve writes: “I took this photo along the Jack Pine trail while attending Hike the Highlands, a 10-day program that takes place every September in and around Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The Jack Pine trail is a 2.3-kilometre path which loops through an old jack pine forest and provides interesting views of the Atlantic coastline. Every year I am drawn back by the beautiful scenery and lovely people I meet.”

Juanita Sauve

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Reader Theresa Wallace was taking a writing course at the Banff Centre when she took this photo. She writes: "Deer grazed right under the balcony of my room. Surrounded by mountains and built so that you can't see the town below, the Banff Centre is an artist's - and an aspiring artist's - paradise."

Theresa Wallace

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Reader Cliff Glenn writes: "This photo was taken last July on a hike across Lineham Ridge in Waterton Lakes National Park. This was certainly a behemoth of a hike - 33 km in one day - but it was definitely worth it for the majestic views and beautiful scenery. Featured in this photo is my Dad (James) and my brother (Greg)."

Cliff Glenn

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Reader Chris Sargent photographed this moose in Elk Island National Park in Alberta. He writes: "During the hike, I had close encounters with moose, elk, bison and deer, yet did not once see another person. I'm grateful to have a place like Elk Island so close to home."

Chris Sargent

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Reader Sharon Veenstra writes: "Gros Morne National Park consists of 1,805 square kilometres of natural beauty waiting to be explored. This picture was taken from the Western Brook Pond tour boat in July. Simply breathtaking!"

Sharon Veenstra

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Reader Allan Rix writes: "In June 2010 my wife and I went to the Gaspésie for the first time. Our visit to Forillon National Park was very moving for us as we learned a great deal. The park at Forillon preserves not only the natural environment but also the cultural environment of an earlier time."

Allan Rix

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Reader Kent Nickerson went on a six-day adventure to Sirmilik National Park. He writes: "I'm on the floe edge near Bylot Island in June 2010. Throughout our stay we passed many icebergs frozen into the ice. Dramatic clouds and hard Arctic sunlight often lends a painterly look to the landscape."

Kent Nickerson

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Reader Kent Nickerson took a six-day adventure to Sirmilik National Park. This is his base camp on the Bylot Island shore that looks south across Pond Inlet.

Kent Nickerson

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