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From Matt Morrish, Vancouver B.C: After many trips to various beaches across the country I have to say that my sweet spot was hit with Tofino. as you can see by the attached pic this beach setting is everything one could ever ask for. It is my belief, after an extensive travel history, that Tofino is by far and away Canada's greatest destination location.

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From Lisa Mac, Vancouver B.C.: Not the warmest beach, but definitely up there in the, 'most magical' category. Chesterman Beach is located in Tofino, BC, Canada's surf capital. This is where we went to surf, throw a frisbee, and play fetch with Obi.

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From Glenn Niemi, Barrie ON: Wasaga Beach, Ontario, longest fresh water beach in the world. It’s special because it appeals to a wide range of beach baskers. Beach 1 is for the party crowd, in the summer It's reminiscent of Florida during spring break. By contrast, Beach 5 is quieter, perfect for strolling on clean sand, swimming or just watching the waves and wildlife.

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From Sean Irwin: This is Terrace Bay Beach in Northern Ontario at the top of Lake Superior. The picture shows the incredible Slate Islands Provincial Park in the distance which has the largest per capita woodland caribou population in Canada. The beach is a favourite of locals and visitors year round for people to go and walk away their worries

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From Krista Cassell: In PEI, a province famous for its beaches, Lakeside Beach stands out! Located on the North Shore by the renown Crowbush golf course, and our family cottage, there's something for everyone on this beach. With light, fine sand and welcoming water its perfect for swimming, walking, castle building and beachcombing. Our family has a lot of great summer memories of this beach.

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From Aspen Sciulli: Holmes Point Beach in Pefferlaw, Ontario is pretty amazing! Private, with a great view of Simcoe, we go back every Summer.

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From Veronica Keddy: This is my best beach in Canada: It’s Roseway Beach near Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

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From Keith Connolly: Have you seen Salmon Cove beach, just under a 1 ½ hour drive from St. John’s, NL?

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From Tara Atleo: This is Cow Bay beach on Flores Island. The best beach in Canada and the best beach of the WildSide Trail in Ahousaht territories. Secluded, wild, white sand, and ancient forest. Doesn't get any better!

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