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From left, clockwise: Lemon Sorbet, Blackberry Lime, Maple Walnut and Pistachio from Chambar Belgian Restaurant in Vancouver.LAURA LEYSHON

Tiger tail: A combination of orange cream with vanilla notes and swirls of black licorice, this old-school flavour fell out of fashion over the past couple of decades, but is making a strong comeback, according to Sita Kacker, product developer for Loblaw.

Sprinkle party cake: Although not a traditional ice cream, this new flavour definitely retro, giving a nod to childhood birthday parties where cake and ice cream are standard, Ms. Kacker says. It consists of a vanilla ice cream base with ripples of vanilla icing, chunks of vanilla cake and multi-coloured sprinkles.

Burnt marshmallow: Ed Francis of Ed's Real Scoop in Toronto says he accidentally came up with this flavour when he burned a batch of candy. He couldn't serve it, nor could he stop nibbling on the delicious burnt bits. Mr. Francis turned this into an ice cream that doesn't taste like marshmallow per se, but like the charred outer crust of a campfire-toasted marshmallow.

Jesus juice: A cola and red wine flavour named after the beverage and served at San Francisco's Humphry Slocombe, an ice cream shop known for its wild flavours. "The first time I tasted Jesus Juice sorbet, I felt like someone, at long last, understood me," ice cream fan and pastry chef Leah Rosenberg tells The New York Times Magazine.

Booger: "The name and colour are disgusting-looking, but the flavour - you want to have more," says Chip Hearn of The Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth Beach, Del. Intentionally repulsive name aside, "booger" is a green cake-batter ice cream with green caramel ripples and bits of Lucky Charms marshmallows, "because boogers have to have solids too," Mr. Hearn says.