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Denver Broncos fan Nathan Wilkes, left, and Seattle Seahawks fan Jim Rudd, both of Seattle, pose for photos on "Super Bowl Boulevard" at Times Square, as part of the Super Bowl lead up, in New York Feb. 1, 2014.Reuters

What time is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl starts at 6:30 p.m. E.T. this Sunday in New Jersey. Acceptable tailgating (read: eating greasy anything and drinking anything alcoholic) can kick off much earlier – we suggest 3 p.m. as a socially acceptable time.

Essential game day information

The Seattle Seahawks face the Denver Broncos. The match, according to the experts, is a battle between the Bronco's best offence in the NFL and a seemingly unstoppable defence (somehow called "the Legion of Boom") with the Seahawks. The Broncos were Super Bowl champions in 1997 and 1998, while the Seahawks have never won the title.

Suggested viewing

Even if you dislike or know nothing about football, this is funny.

This video of a son's gift to his mother will make you cry.

As will this.

People to watch

Bruno Mars is the half-time entertainment. Expect a fan-pleasing, rockin' good time, with minimal wardrobe malfunctions.

The quarterbacks on each team are special characters: The Seahawks' Russell Wilson is a relative newbie, only in the league for two years (read this profile about his father's influence, and try not to be moved.)

Peyton Manning is a league veteran, whose professional football career began in 1998 and has been to the Super Bowl twice. He also seems like a stand-up guy, well-spoken in post-game interviews, and was named 2013 Sports Illustrated's sportsman of the year.

Seattle's Derrick Coleman is the first ever deaf offensive player in the NFL. This inspiring commercial about the full back has been viewed more than 13 million times.

Richard Sherman caused a Twitter storm after winning the NFC championship to get to the Super Bowl: He surprised us all, particularly Erin Andrews, declaring "Don't you ever talk about me!" in a rant. He has since apologized, and explained his behaviour.

Random facts

Both Washington and Colorado have recently legalized marijuana, which has led to mildly funny memes like this – and given another meaning to the words 'Super Bowl.'

It's the 10-year anniversary since we saw Janet Jackson's nipple.

Seattle's Marshawn Lynch, known as "Beast Mode," is a Skittles-loving running back (one of the guys who is responsible for moving the ball closer to the end zone) and decidedly media shy. This has led to some media organizations writing ridiculously poor profiles of the crowd favourite – and amazing criticisms of such pieces, like this one.

The Simpsons predicted this match up back in a 2005 episode, which saw the Broncos win 19-14.

What to say to sound knowledgeable

"The 12th man has arrived." = Seattle fans are so loud and enthusiastic that they call themselves an additional player, to the team's 11 men on the field. The iconic "12" flag was raised on the B.C. legislature Friday, where enthusiasm for the nearby Seattle team has reached fanatic levels.

"Omaha!" = Something that Peyton Manning yells frequently on the field. We're unsure if there's any meaning – or if he even knows – but it would sure make a great drinking game and/or over-under bets.

Suggested tweet

Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen won the Internet with this.

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