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Are you rollin on the river or headed out on the highway? We asked for your best songs for a  summer roadtrip - and you answered in droves.  (Thanks for a week's worth of earworms!)

Here are some of our favourite suggestions from you. Put the windows down, turn the volume up... 

From AdrianKLee:  "This song is what driving recklessly on a shard of highway in middle America sounds like."

From Cam: "Sweet Emotion  or Everlong , but with two pre-teen daughters I suspect this year's road trip will be a lot of.."

From Warren Quin: "This makes me smile and sing along every time." 

From RK: "...where the great plains begin."

From CCM: "Get Your motor running, head out on the highway..."

From Dan: "This is the single greatest song ever written anywhere..."

From GinsuGirl: "This song by Iggy Pop is the best, but way too short. (For a longer drive, I recommend Lemon Jelly or Royksopp, both less aggressive versions of electronic music - stuff that can keep three generations stuck in a car happy.)"

What song would you like to see added to this list? Leave your suggestion for amazing summer roadtrip songs in the window below: