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'My mother, Heather Cook, playing pool in Paris. How could I ever be as cool as that?' writes Hilary Cook.

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'My Mom and Dad (Maria and Gabriel) chilling out in the stands of a Mexican bull-fight on some unknown date in the early '70s. The orginal hipsters... now I know where I get the cool factor from,' writes Mina Sunday Cicconi.

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'Maxin' & relaxin' circa 1969. Mom's bathing suit is amazing! Since she passed away last year, I like to look at this and imagine she's back on some beach somewhere, forever basking in the sun,' writes Manon Crôteau.

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'Here's our Dad, John Gow, at the 1974 Disabled Alpine Skiing World Championships. Clearly a rad moustache, along with his colour coordinated skis, hat and sweater, gave him an edge over the competition,' write David and Michelle Gow.

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'And to match our Dad, here's our styling mom, Heather Chapple. She toiled in a bakery until she had enough money to buy this muskrat coat, which is still hanging in her closet,' write David and Michelle Gow.

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'My mom, Ginette, in 1969, looking cooler than cool and beautiful as always. Sadly, she passed away over a year ago...but pictures like this remind us of her youth, vitality and overall loveliness,' writes Manon Crôteau.

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'A photo of my father, Dusan Stojicevic, taken in the late 1960's. Dad looked pretty cool,' writes Nick Stiles.

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'A photo of my mother, Jelena Stojicevic, taken in the early 1960's in the Mediterranean,' writes Nick Stiles.

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'Here is picture of my Dad, Ernie, striking a wicked cool James Dean pose back in the day. He's got it going on and shortly after this he started dating my Mom and well...,' writes Tom Love.

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'Here is a picture of my Mom, Lorna, taking a break from fishing at Lac La Ronge. She looks great in this relaxed shot and still does to this day at 73 years,' writes Tom Love.

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'My father, Wojtek Bielski, holding my twin brother, Jozek, while working a wicked beard line,' writes Zosia Bielski.

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'My parents, Elka and Wojtek, playing rock stars in the woods of Poland, circa 1970-something,' writes Zosia Bielski.

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