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Globe Investor Alexa Skill

Use your voice to ask for daily stock prices, dividends and valuations for companies trading on TSX, NYSE and NASDAQ.

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Track investments and get the analysis, news and insight you need to make informed financial decisions

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Provides you with a comprehensive overview of your investments’ performance

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Stock Screener

Powerful screener tools to find the right investments

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Student calculator

How much will a year of university or college cost?

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Pandemic power-savings tool

This tool shows how money saved during the pandemic can improve your financial situation over the short and long term

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The Real Life Money Launcher

Down payment or dream trip: This calculator can help you decide

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Real Life Ratio Calculator

Can you really afford that mortgage? Know your Real Life Ratio

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Build a $1-million TFSA

Try your hand at building tax-free, million-dollar savings account

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TFSA Calculator

Find out how much your TFSA could be worth

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Retirement Calculator

Are you ready for retirement? Find out your replacement ratio

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CPP Calculator

60 through 70: At what age should you start taking CPP?

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Adviser Checklist

Find out if you’re getting value from your adviser?

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