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A member of the Miao ethnic minority shaves another villager's head with a sickle in the village of Basha in Congjiang county, Guizhou province, China.

Sheng Li/Reuters

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A Thai man and his dog leave their flooded neighborhood in a plastic vessel in Bangkok, Thailand.

Altaf Qadri/AP

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An abandoned dog lies on a concrete pipe in a flooded area of Bangkok, Thailand.

Sukree Sukplang/Reuters

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Fishermen are silhouetted against the setting sun as they clear their net after fishing at Clifton beach in Karachi, Pakistan.

Athar Hussain/Reuters

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People walk past cages with birds for sale at a market during the Sonepur Mela in Sonepur, India. The mela is one of Asia's largest cattle fairs and lasts for a fortnight.

Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

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Posters showing Pope Benedict XVI kissing an imam on the lips and US president Barack Obama smooching his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao cover a Benetton clothing store window in Paris. They are part of an advertising campaign entitled UNHATE.


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Suspected members of al-Qaida are seen blindfolded and handcuffed in Jurf al-Sakhar, Iraq. Special operations commandos arrested nine people during recent operations.

Loay Hameed/AP

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Occupy Toronto protestor Phoenix Laforest, 26, from Peterborough, awakens from sleep in his suspended hammock, lined with thick styrofoam and garbage can lids to protect him from rubber bullets he says, in a tree at St. James Park the day after a notice of eviction was posted on the Occupy Toronto Camp tents in Toronto.

Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail

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A Vancouver police officer hands out Riot Roundup posters in Vancouver.

John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail

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Barrels of Beaujolais Nouveau wine are rolled by wine-growers in the center of Lyon, France, during the 2011 vintage Beaujolais Nouveau launch.


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