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An Indian landless farmer boy rests before another day's march during the "Jan Satyagraha," near Agra, India. Thousands of poor farmers have ended their march to India's capital after the government agreed to formulate a new reform policy, providing land rights to them and fast tracking settlement of their land disputes. The protesters from nearly a dozen states set out on a 320-kilometer march from the central Indian city of Gwalior nine days ago under the banner of "Ekta Parishad," or "Unity Council," and planned to reach New Delhi at the end of the month.

Kevin Frayer/AP

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Egyptian protesters are pictured on a tablet device during a protest against general prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud and the Mubarak regime at Tahrir Square, the focal point of the Egyptian uprising, in Cairo. Egypt's president removed the general prosecutor from his post on Thursday, appeasing demonstrators who accused him of presenting weak evidence in a case against Mubarak-era officials accused of planning attacks on protesters last year.


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School students make a formation of a sparrow during a programme to create awareness to save the bird in the southern Indian city of Chennai


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A woman cycles on the promenade in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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Members of the Free Syrian Army are seen at a front line in al-Mid area in Aleppo city in northern Syria.

Zain Karam/REUTERS

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A pigeon leaves trails on snow covered ground outside Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.


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A Free Syrian Army fighter fires his weapon against Syrian Army positions in the Karmal Jabl district, Aleppo, Syria.

Manu Brabo/AP

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Egyptians visit the Khafre pyramid, near Cairo, Egypt. Egypt reopened Khafre Pyramid to the public after extensive repair which took almost 3 years, mended cracks and installed a ventilation system to relieve the ancient structure of built-up humidity, the result of the breathing of thousands of visitors every day. The reopening of Khafre Pyramid and six other tombs is part of the Egyptian ministry of Antiquity of reopening ancient sites as a preparation for the winter season and part of Egypt's plan to attract visitors to boost its economy after the Egyptian Revolution of January 25th 2011.

Nariman El-Mofty/AP

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Fisherman get ready to hit the sea in the morning at the fishing port of Soumdedioune in Dakar, Senegal. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on a two-day vist to Senegal.


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Visitors watch video screens in the New Zealand pavilion on the second day of the Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. New Zealand is this year's guest of honor.

Michael Probst/AP

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This NASA handout shows an optical image of NGC 6543 from the first systematic survey of such objects in the solar neighbourhood made with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. A planetary nebula is a phase of stellar evolution that the sun should experience several billion years from now, when it expands to become a red giant and then sheds most of its outer layers, leaving behind a hot core that contracts to form a dense white dwarf star.


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Riot police extinguish burning tires set by Bahraini anti-government protesters, unseen, near oil pipelines that connect to neighboring Saudi Arabia along a highway in Buri, Bahrain. Protesters often block roads with burning tires to highlight their demands for the release of political prisoners and democracy in the Gulf island kingdom.

Hasan Jamali/AP

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