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A man sleeps on the window of the famous 12th century Dhammayangyi Buddhist temple in the historical city of Bagan October 25, 2013.


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Supporters burn Israeli flags during a speech at an Islamic Front Action party rally in Amman October 25, 2013. Thousands gathered to demand political reform in Jordan and rally against Jewish settlers in the al-Aqsa mosque compound. Gesturing the four-fingered symbol and waving Syrian opposition flags, the supporters also expressed support for ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi and the Syrian revolution.


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Egrets congregate on branches above a canal on Assateague Island off the Virginia Coast October 25, 2013. Many bird species make their home on Assateague on a seasonal basis, making the undeveloped island a popular destination for birdwatchers.


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Government leader in the Senate, Senator Claude Carignan (L) and Senator Marjory LeBreton leaves the senate Chamber during a break on Parliament Hill October 25, 2013 in Ottawa.

Dave Chan/The Globe and Mail

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Senator Patrick Brazeau leaves the Senate on Parliament Hill October 25, 2013 in Ottawa.

Dave Chan/The Globe and Mail

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A man puts out earthen lamps to dry in the sun at his workshop ahead of the Hindu festival of Diwali in the northern Indian city of Amritsar October 25, 2013. Earthen lamps are sold in large numbers during Diwali, the annual Hindu festival of lights, as people use them to decorate their homes. The Diwali festival will be observed this year on November 3.


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An Indian soldier participates in a drill during the India-Russia joint military exercise "Indra 2013" at Mahajan Field firing range 150 kilometers (93 miles) south from Bikaner in Rajasthan state, India, Friday, Oct. 25, 2013. The joint field exercise between troops of the two countries began on Oct. 22, according to local reports.

Deepak Sharma/AP

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A boy has his head shaved during a religious ceremony at a Buddhist monastery in the historical city of Bagan October 25, 2013.


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A man plays with his family at Mamzar beach in Dubai October 25, 2013.


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A Tibetan monk from the Drepung Loseling monastery creates a religious diagram or sand Mandala at the Teatro del Pueblo theater in Mexico City October 25, 2013. After building the Mandala, the monks will distribute the sand to the audience as a blessing and a symbolic gesture to represent the ephemeral nature of existence and to encourage detachment in life.


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Gracie Gold of the U.S. skates during her ladies short program at the Skate Canada International figure skating competition in Saint John, New Brunswick, October 25, 2013.


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In this Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013 photo, while touring the Fremont East district of downtown Las Vegas, Nanci Tangeman makes a photograph of an unfinished mural. The mural is one of several commissioned for this weekend's inaugural Life Is Beautiful festival which will feature 70 bands and DJ's, food vendors, Ferris wheels and celebrity chefs.

Julie Jacobson/AP

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NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which constantly observes the sun in a variety of wavelengths, captured this image showing magnetic filament of solar material eruption as a 200,000-mile-long filament ripped through the sun's atmosphere, the corona, leaving behind what looks like a canyon of fire during its eruption September 29 - 30, 2013 shown in this image released on October 25, 2013. The glowing canyon traces the channel where magnetic fields held the filament aloft before the explosion.


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Syrian and Sub-Saharan African migrants attend a commemorative service, organised by the Jesuit Refugee Services for immigrants who lost their lives at sea earlier this month, at Valletta's Grand Harbour, October 25, 2013. European Union leaders rebuffed calls from southern European states on Friday for emergency action to tackle a wave of illegal migration from Africa despite the deaths of hundreds of people in Mediterranean boat disasters.


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Minka Ruseva, daughter of Sasha Ruseva, left, dances along with other children in a Roma neighborhood of Nikolaevo, Bulgaria, Friday, Oct. 25, 2013. Sasha Ruseva, a Bulgarian Roma woman from this town, is under investigation by Bulgarian authorities trying to find out if she is the mother of a suspected abduction victim in neighboring Greece known as "Maria" whose case has triggered a global search for her real parents.

Vadim Ghirda/AP

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