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In pictures: Your best photos of abstract photos

Here is this week's Photo Desk call-out. Images uploaded to us through Flickr are contained in a separate gallery. This gallery showcases images sent through our custom upload tool. Our staff will pick a favourite reader-submitted photo to be featured in Friday's print edition of The Globe and Mail. (Preference will be given to photos taken during the week of the call-out.) To learn more, follow the link under the gallery.

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My husband blowing snow just outside my livingroom window

Brenda Withers/Brenda Withers

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Close up of a seed head.

Agnes Kussinger/Agnes Kussinger

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morning landscape reflection on chrome piller, taken at Winnipeg airport, Nov 2, 2011

Brenda Withers/Brenda Withers

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Found hidden behind a stone wall at the side of a country road in Llantwit major, South Wales

Constance Wylie/Constance Wylie

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abstract wheel taken Jan 5/12 in late afternoon winter sunlight

Brenda Withers/Brenda Withers

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an unconventional vision of the dome of St. Peters Basilica, the Vatican

Constance Wylie/Constance Wylie

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The shadow on a wall of a group of pens I had sitting by the computer desk.

susan deneve/susan deneve

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The reflection of our national flag in Halifax Harbour.

Peter Crofts/Peter Crofts

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Tall grasses on the side of a secondary road near Sesekinika Ontario take on mounded shapes from the snow and frost of winter. Photo taken Easter weekend 2012.

Barbara Havrot/Barbara Havrot

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Macro of swirls of blue icing on cupcakes my daughter pestered her Dad and I to make for her.

Paula Ohreen/Paula Ohreen

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The Sky above our airfield was an image of a woven mat on a mild winter evening.


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This photo was taken of an Ikea light fixture at the school I was working at.

Jennifer Angers Daerendinger/Jennifer Angers Daerendinger

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This photos was taken at a kitchenware store in Soho - April 2012. They are molds that were used for making rubber gloves.

Patricia Brown/Patricia Brown

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Photo was taken on a calm day two weeks ago. The tide was changing on the south shore of PEI.

Jennifer Neill/Jennifer Neillq

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Dominican Sand n Surf n Shadow

jim Carroll/jim Carroll

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Detail from sewer grate Taken May 23, 2011

Klaus Christoffersen/Klaus Christoffersen

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Dominican Sand n Surf

Jim Carroll/Jim Carroll

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With the shutter open the movement of the plane twists and turns the lights on the ground.

Barbara Havrot/Barbara Havrot

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My son and his building kit creation, taken in 2011. I like how the light reflects like an orb on the table top.

Shawna Waller/Shawna Waller

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Where they wash the buses near Comstock Road in Scarborough. Taken with a Zenit11 analog camera and a no-name 120 lens.

Janet Esti/Janet Esti

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This photo was taken on August 25, 2011 on Northward Road on Grand Cayman using a Pentax Optio M50. It is dish washing liquid shaken to create bubbles in a blue bottle

Janet Esti/Janet Esti

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Taken in London England with my old Nikon, which wasn't working too well at the time.

Paula Martin/Paula Martin

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Waiting in the Dominican Surf n Sun

Jim Carroll/Jim Carroll

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Tulips at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, April 9 2012

Ilona Crabbe/Ilona Crabbe

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Photo taken this past weekend. The bark on this tree provided an interesting subject. Fascinating how the mind tries to see something recognizable in what is merely a random pattern.

G. Deziel/G. Deziel

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Antonio Gaudi's Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia Roman Catholic Church, Barcelona Spain, taken in May of 1999.

Gregory Holmgren/Gregory Holmgren

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Taken by Venetian Canal.

ron mcfarlan/ron mcfarlan

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A sleigh ride at dusk courtesy of grandpa, taken January 1, 2010.

Jen Corrigan/Jen Corrigan

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Pecos Man abiding the heat in Langtry Texas, March 5, 2000.

Gregory Holmgren/Gregory Holmgren

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My sons explored a skate park in the warmth of early spring. In their bare feet laughing and running, I was reminded how beief this flash of childhood really is.

Simone Wilson/Simone Wilson

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A japanese maple backlight by early evening sun, taken last August in Mono, Ontario.

Jen Corrigan/Jen Corrigan

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I took this photo of repeating columns inside the stunning Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Judith Gustafsson/Judith Gustafsson

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Taken Dec 31, 2010 at local school yard playground. Looking up at equipment.

Linda Sangwine/Linda Sangwine

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Taken at a kitchenware store - April 18, 2012

Patricia Brown/Patricia Brown

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It was certainly brighter, more confident, cocky almost.

Raja Khouri/Raja Khouri

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Reflected in each other we find ourselves

Simone Wilson/Simone Wilson

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Early Morning Dufferin St During a Rain Storm, A Cars Brake Lights Glow As Someone Crosses The Street.

Jim Shaw/Jim Shaw

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May 5 - I took this photo while driving on the QEW. It seems that all the cars are going the same way, optical illusion. The lines in this photo are interesting. All the elements create a absract feel

Frederic Jon Mercnik

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Close focus macro and narrow depth of field transform the appearance of this lily.

James Lazar/James Lazar

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Sails on a catamara, taken in Cuba 2011

Linda Sangwine/Linda Sangwine

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My batik printed silk scarf. Photo taken May 4 2012

Gail Chmilar/Gail Chmilar

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A wronly angled lens reveals the space between one's heart and one's head.

Simone Wilson/Simone Wilson

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April, 2012 evening image from our deck looking south-east over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Barbados. From a tripod, shutter open for 60 seconds and voila!

Phil Weiss/Phil Weiss

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taken in detroit in 1997

d. sumisu/d. sumisu

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Japanese maple with a different look

T. Parish/T. Parish

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somewhere in canada 1997

d. sumisu/d. sumisu

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The ceiling in the main entrance of the National Gallery, Ottawa. Taken may 2011.

Craig Pelzer/Craig Pelzer

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A Figure Stares Into The Dark, Glowing With Energy. 2009.

Jim Shaw/Jim Shaw

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A trio of bison are barely recognizable in this abstract view of the world in the Peace River region of northwestern Alberta.

Richard Erlendson/Richard Erlendson

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This is my submission for this week's Camera Club theme of abstract photos. Taken Saturday, May 5th, this close-up of the edge of a colourful throw blanket makes a great textile landscape.

Irene Nasim/Irene Nasim

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Members of the Grande Prairie Composite High School orchestra take flight in this abstract photograph.

Richard Erlendson/Richard Erlendson

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taken in detroit 1997

d. sumisu/d. sumisu

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wood and metal

ruth krahn/ruth krahn

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Taken May 7, 2012 Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island. Intentional out of focus on emergency lights.

Gord Iversen/Gord Iversen

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Motion blur of trees along the roadside, taking on the characteristics of a drawing. Taken Nov 2011.

Craig Pelzer/Craig Pelzer

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colours and shapes

Diane Ross/Diane Ross

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Decorative stairs of the town plaza of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Taken Jan 2012.

Craig Pelzer/Craig Pelzer

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Taken May 7, 2012, Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island. Sunset reflection, with a twist.

Gord Iversen/Gord Iversen

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red rock, southern alberta

ruth krahn/ruth krahn

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Mora Greg/Mora Greg

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Fall leaves below a street light can turn into the most beautiful abstract photograph with a little jerking movement of the camera.

Richard Erlendson/Richard Erlendson

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A reflection of poplar trees creates a pleasing, abstract view of spring time in Alberta.

Richard Erlendson/Richard Erlendson

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Sepia Fungi`

Joe Tinney/Joe Tinney

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A city cement truck up close takes on an abstract quality. August 8, 2008. Bloor St. W. by Julie Enfield

julie enfield/julie enfield

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Backwater sand formation in the Anaa Lagoon (French Polynesia)

Pierre Morel/Pierre Morel

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Grooves in the sand made by waves on a beach in Tofino, BC.

Kathryn Gullason/Kathryn Gullason

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Photo taken looking up at an exquisite glass and crystal chandelier. September 2010

Gail Chmilar/Gail Chmilar

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The underside of the canopy at the Soho Hotel in Toronto. Taken May 6th.

Dave Campbell/Dave Campbell

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March 20, 2012 - Paper on a desk, lit by sunlight through venetian blinds

Bob Sherman/Bob Sherman

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Mirrored ceiling downtown office building March 2012

Ilona Crabbe/Ilona Crabbe

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Long exposure night shot. The light came from a cruise, meandering though Lake Ontario. Adjustments were made to get a sunset type feel. Photo taken in April 2012.

chris yu/chris yu

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Reflections of Old City Hall in the puddles from the skating rink in Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto.

Nicole Harvey/Nicole Harvey

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Human rights monument in Soweto South Africa.

Sarah Lazar/Sarah Lazar

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March 11, 2012 - Morning sunlight reflected off a shiny surface onto a kitchen cupboard

Bob Sherman/Bob Sherman

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Zooming the effects of a gorgeous spring sunset at Toronto's High Park.

Nicole Harvey/Nicole Harvey

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A glass ball hanging from a store in Tofino, B.C.

Pierre Morel/Pierre Morel

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Inside the old clock tower in Montreal.

James Lazar/James Lazar

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My submission for abstract photo is this pattern found on the bark of a tree in Paris near the Eiffel Tower, taken this past week

Bob Crockett/Bob Crockett

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Fall Grasses

Joe Tinney/Joe Tinney

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Rusty Hydro pole on Toronto street May 5, 2012

Ilona Crabbe/Ilona Crabbe

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Rings of the tree trunk are continued in the concentric circles of the grate. Rain brought a dark rich colours.

James Lazar/James Lazar

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Abstract Picture Looking throught the culvert is what Alice may have seen "Down the Rabbit Hole" Besides it looks cool

Julia Ursel/Julia Ursel

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Panning the supermoon, downtown Toronto from an 8th floor balcony, May 5, 2012

Nicole Harvey/Nicole Harvey

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Reflection of the street in a stainless steel sculpture at night. Taken May 6th.

Dave Campbell/Dave Campbell

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Reflection of trees in water last summer in St. Jacobs, ON

Bob Sherman/Bob Sherman

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Georgian Bay rocks at sunrise. I love how close up shots emphasize colours and textures in the world around us.

Lyne Rosenkrantz/Lyne Rosenkrantz

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The elevator lobby at Crystal Mall in Burnaby BC

Scott Graham/Scott Graham

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A bright vellow prom dress floats against a backdrop of swirling splashes of colour in this abstract photo taken on April 28, 2012, in a mid-town Toronto boutique. by Julie Enfield

julie enfield/julie enfield

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This photo taken in Georgian Bay at sunrise of moss on a rock. The light gives the vegetation a lovely golden hue and the one strand sticking out seems to be saying "hey look at me".

Lyne Rosenkrantz/Lyne Rosenkrantz

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Frost on a leaf. This photo was taken last fall on a frosty morning with a macro lens.

Lyne Rosenkrantz/Lyne Rosenkrantz

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Interior of a paper weight.

Mora Gregg/Mora Gregg

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April Showers Roll In A Sheet Across The Windshield, Turning An Afternoon Walk In The Rain Into A Abstract. Apr,2012.

Jim Shaw/Jim Shaw

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Shadows and light play on the wall of our mud hut while tiger trekking in Southern India.

David Setter

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