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Here is this week's Photo Desk call-out. Images uploaded to us through Flickr are contained in a separate gallery. This gallery showcases images sent through our custom upload tool. Our staff will pick a favourite reader-submitted photo to be featured in Friday's print edition of The Globe and Mail. (Preference will be given to photos taken during the week of the call-out.) To learn more, follow the link under the gallery.

Who knew the surface of water had so much fun, so much character and texture? Next time you're at the water's edge, look again and see what you've never noticed before. Photo: Schswap River, B.C.

Richard Erlendson/Richard Erlendson

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High waters on the Petawawa River rapids made for a nice icy photo opportunity On April 2nd.

Norm Jones/Norm Jones

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This pic was taken on Nantucket Island in August 2011 with my Nikon D7000.

Helen Sekulovski/Helen Sekulovski

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The Inner Harbour - Victoria, BC

Jonathan Ritter/Jonathan Ritter

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Taken with handheld camera of the Camden locks in London Camden town UK, July 2011.

Michael Reinhart/Michael Reinhart

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This picture was taken on Guelph Line in Milton, ON. Taken with Nikon D7000 in March 2012.

Helen Sekulovski/Helen Sekulovski

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This picture was taken at the Bronte Marina in Oakville, ON in March 2012. The morning was incredibly foggy, but I could make out the reflections of the dock in the water. Taken with a Nikon D7000.

Helen Sekulovski/Helen Sekulovski

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The water of the Schuswap River in the B.C. interior appears to fancy itself as sophisticated and full of dimension, colour and character as it flows along near Enderby, B.C.

Richard Erlendson/Richard Erlendson

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Photo was taken in Parc Des Rapides in Lasalle, Quebec on a cold February morning with a Canon 50D.

Gino Matta/Gino Matta

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Downtown Calgary is swallowed by the Bow River and the beginnings of threatening rain clouds. Photo taken March 30, 2012

Kalyn Gilbert/Kalyn Gilbert

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Photo taken April 1, 2012

Donna Hynes/Donna Hynes

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Water drops are pushed aways by an impressive drier during a cloth car wash. Photo taken Feb. 14, 2012.

Kalyn Gilbert/Kalyn Gilbert

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This picture was taken on Chapin Beach in Cape Cod in August 2011. I had about 6 minutes to set up for this shot before it was too late. Taken with Nikon D7000.

Helen Sekulovski/Helen Sekulovski

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The Devil's Door Rapids, Bad River Channel near the French River, Northern Georgian Bay. Taken summer 2007.

Gordon McConachie-Anderson/Gordon McConachie-Anderson

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The Carp Pond

Bill Buchanan/Bill Buchanan

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Taken with handheld camera of the Port Elgin, Ontario harbour with its reflections of boats. 2009.

Michael Reinhart/Michael Reinhart

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Photo taken on April 1, 2012

Donna Hynes/Donna Hynes

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This picture was taken of an old boat at the Marina. I appreciated the sun setting and it's reflection in the water. Taken with Nikon D7000 in June 2011

Helen Sekulovski/Helen Sekulovski

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havasu canyon, arizona

bruce french/bruce french

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This photo was taken using water, droplets of oil and a colourful shirt. Taken with Nikon D7000 in March 2012

Helen Sekulovski/Helen Sekulovski

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Spring in the Park

Laura Bowser/Laura Bowser

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Reflection of tress in the murky water of the backyard pool.

Sandro Del Re/Sandro Del Re

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The south shore of Lake of Bays is usually pounded by west and north winds. For a rare moment on Saturday afternoon, the water reflected perfect mirror images of nature and man-made creations.

Karen Girling/Karen Girling

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I took this picture on April 3 after my mother finished washing the dishes. :)

Juliette Rayner/Juliette Rayner

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Makena Beach State Park (Big Beach) - Maui, Hawaii

Jonathan Ritter/Jonathan Ritter

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Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska. Water frozen, snow, ice and liquid. A dramatic place to visit.

Scott Alpen/Scott Alpen

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Holding my umbrella in the rain over a puddle of water on cement aggregate. March 31, 2012

Gail Chmilar/Gail Chmilar

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A beautiful sunset over the ocean in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 2011

Maria Bitter/Maria Bitter

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A shot of of Bow River taken at the Calgary Zoo on March 31st, 2012

Quinn Ryall/Quinn Ryall

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Mystical Myanmar, 2011

Matt Walsh/Matt Walsh

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Skipping Stones On The Murray Canal Near Brighton Onat. 2011

Jim Shaw/Jim Shaw

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Floating to the Timbuktu Music Festival, 2009

Matt Walsh/Matt Walsh

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This picture was taken in Cape Cod after a rain storm at 6pm. A rainbow had appeared as the winds grew calmer in August 2011. Taken with Nikon D7000

Helen Sekulovski/Helen Sekulovski

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The Toronto Skyline And Humber Bay, Apr,4,2012

Jim Shaw/Jim Shaw

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Our pet dog Kai, diving in near Iqaluit

Bernie MacIsaac/Bernie MacIsaac

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This photo was taken in March of 2012 at 9:36am at the Bronte Marina in Oakville, ON. It was a still morning as the fog was thick draping over the harbour. Taken with a Nikon D7000.

Helen Sekulovski/Helen Sekulovski

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canoe in utah backcountry

bruce french/bruce french

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stand up paddleboard goddess in maui

bruce french/bruce french

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Fresh from the glaciers, the headwaters of the Bow River in the Kananaskis country 100 kilometres west of Calgary, Alta., take on an artful, golden jewel effect as they pass over rocks and stones.

Richard Erlendson/Richard Erlendson

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Just a picture through/of a puddle.

Joe Tinney/Joe Tinney

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The still water provides a perfect reflection of the islands, dock, sky and clouds on a rare still day at Lake of Bays on Saturday, March 31, 2012. Only the ladder and roof corner are not reflected.

Karen Girling/Karen Girling

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Taken March 31st 2012 at the Calgary Zoo

Quinn Ryall/Quinn Ryall

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A crocodile in water at the Calgary Zoo

Quinn Ryall/Quinn Ryall

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Taken with handheld camera on Granville Island, Vancouver of reflection of a flag in the water of False Creek, 2009.

Michael Reinhart/Michael Reinhart

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Panama City, 2010

Matt Walsh/Matt Walsh

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Water in the Park

Laura Bowser/Laura Bowser

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This phot was taken on a cold February morning as I was walking by the river in Lasalle, Quebec.

Gino Matta/Gino Matta

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Water From A Watermain Leak Finds Its way through The lifting Hole In A Road Plate On Sudbury St. Toronto. 2012.

Jim Shaw/Jim Shaw

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Lynn Creek stream bed through the water

Scott Alpen/Scott Alpen

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A fall leaf caught in the Lynn Cree, North Vancouver

Scott Alpen/Scott Alpen

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Floathomes on the water at Fisherman's Wharf - Victoria, BC

Jonathan Ritter/Jonathan Ritter

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Photo taken in Lasalle, Quebec, in February on a cold misty morning as I was wlking by the St Lawrence river.

Gino Matta/Gino Matta

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A windy day in September, 2011, that prevented us from leaving our island cottage in Northern Georgian Bay.

Gordon McConachie-Anderson/Gordon McConachie-Anderson

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Taken with handheld camera on the Port Elgin, Ontario breakwall during rough waters, 2009.

Michael Reinhart/Michael Reinhart

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Open Atlantic, 1/3200 second

Nicole Harvey/Nicole Harvey

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March 31 - Spring rain loves to create puddles. There is a chemistry between water and light.

Frederic Jon Mercnik/Frederic Jon Mercnik

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Sparkly Water Fountain at Night, 1/400 second

Nicole Harvey/Nicole Harvey

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The next second of the first wave. Kauai-Dec 2011.

Vanessa Harwood/Vanessa Harwood

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November 2011. Maple leaves float on outdoor pool at Rowena's Inn, BC

Linda Sangwine/Linda Sangwine

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It was so amazing to watch the fishermen row their boats on Inle Lake and even more amazing to watch these two men share a pot of tea while perched on the bow of their boats.

Anne Launcelott/Anne Launcelott

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The March thaw destroyed the city hall ice rink at the Toronto City ice rink but the water made for a nice shot of old city hall

Paul Oxley/Paul Oxley

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The surface of a lake deep in the Central American jungle looks quite benign but don't get out of the boat... never get outta the boat.


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March 31 - Puddles can create some nice reflections. The puddle on the left almost looks like snow.

Frederic Jon Mercnik/Frederic Jon Mercnik

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April 2 - Niagara River provides a beautiful backdrop for these fine fishermen.

Frederic Jon Mercnik/Frederic Jon Mercnik

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Foggy Fishing off Cherry Beach Toronto March 21 2012

Ilona Crabbe/Ilona Crabbe

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Sunshing reflects on ripples om Skimikin Lake. Sept 28, 2011

R. Oldenkamp/R. Oldenkamp

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Trying to capture the color of a rainbow. This was done by putting water drops on a CD

Leanne Matthews/Leanne Matthews

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Baby Wave on the Atlantic, 1/320 second

Nicole Harvey/Nicole Harvey

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Car wash in action at Dawes Rd Toronto April 02, 2012. Nikon D7000 1/250

Ilona Crabbe/Ilona Crabbe

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Water if their livlihood. I was on the lake by 6 a,m, till after sunrise to watch the fishermen fish for the survival of their lakeside communities.

Anne launcelott/Anne launcelott

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assignment: water. I took this photo showing water in 3 forms: snow / water / ice (frozen drain). It is a stop frame capturing the transition from winter to spring.

bill cosgrave/bill cosgrave

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Taken at noon, Jan. 28, 2007

John E. Crawford/John E. Crawford

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Take me to the river. Summer 2011 at Kilby (Harrison River)

Linda Sangwine/Linda Sangwine

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Received these daffodils as a gift the other day. Put them in water and they bloomed overnight. Took this picture today using natural light streaming through the window.

G. Déziel/G. Déziel

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Just the surface...

joe tinney/joe tinney

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Ocean waves quickly erase the evidence of an early morning beachwalk Mexico 2009

Gail Chmilar/Gail Chmilar

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The edge of the Bow during the cold winter months in Calgary, AB.

Katie Fisher/Katie Fisher

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Golden afternoon at Ashbridges Bay Toronto, March 6, 2012. Shot with a Lumix ZS7.

Ilona Crabbe/Ilona Crabbe

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Even in winter, rivers move where they are directed. The mighty Bow River flowing through Calgary.

Susan Deneve/Susan Deneve

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Captiva Island, Florida, 2007

John Lentz/John Lentz

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My daughter, Rain in the Ottawa River, August, 2011.

Larry Weber/Larry Weber

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Water is both beautiful and powerful - Watkin's Glen, New York, October, 2011.

Theresa Forte/Theresa Forte

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Spring rainfalls create interesting photo opportunities - droplets of water on the emerging leaf of a vine maple. Nikon 105 macro lens, tripod mounted camera, raingear for camera and photographer.

Theresa Forte/Theresa Forte

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This photo was taken in August 2010 at BC Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan for kids with Disabilites.

Morgan George/Morgan George

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A harbour seal at the Vancouver Aquarium enjoys the summer sun during an afternoon swim.

Katie Fisher/Katie Fisher

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Mar 2012 - the penguins come to Calgary.

Barbara Wackerle Baker/Barbara Wackerle Baker

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A lone surfer at Gull Bay, Western Head, NS

Uilleam Ross/Uilleam Ross

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Rocks at the mouth of Liverpool Bay, NS. Taken with a Nikon D1 and Nikkor 70-300VR

Uilleam Ross/Uilleam Ross

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Took this picture while we were fishing near Qualicum, BC. Beautiful area for boating.

Justin O'Donnell/Justin O'Donnell

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The Kaminisitiquia River at Kakabeka Falls near Thunder Bay, June 2008

john pedersen/john pedersen

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Apr 2012 - morning swim.

Barbara Wackerle Baker/Barbara Wackerle Baker

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An underwater twig at my family's cottage on Stony Lake, Ontario, circa 2004

Ian Mackenzie/Ian Mackenzie

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This picture was taken on a very hot day on Lake Michigan - the boat is called "Somewhere".

Jane Henderson/Jane Henderson

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San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

Melissa Renwick/Melissa Renwick

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The Georgian Bay sun viewed from underwater, during a kayaking trip in July 2005

Ian Mackenzie/Ian Mackenzie

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Bubba is amazed and amused by his apparent ability to walk on water.

Jane V./Jane V.

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Water - In one of its many forms....bottled!

Gail Chmilar/Gail Chmilar

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The rowers seem insignificant compared to the gigantic tankers.


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A leisurely canoe trip on Banff's clear blue waters. August 2011.

Sharon Titus/Sharon Titus

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Underwater bubbles from waves crashing near shore during a Georgian Bay kayak trip, July 2005

Ian Mackenzie/Ian Mackenzie

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Gray waves at Gull Bay, Western Head, NS. Taken with a Nikon D40 and Nikkor 55-200VR

Uilleam Ross/Uilleam Ross

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Experiencing Niagara's powerful falls from the U.S. side. September 2011

Sharon Titus/Sharon Titus

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On a hot summer day in Montreal, many take advantage of the free access to public pools, like Piscine Laurier.

Melissa Renwick/Melissa Renwick

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A perfect winter's setting while at Lake Louise April 01, 2012

Larry Weber/Larry Weber

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Located in Amicalola State Park, these falls plunge 729 feet in seven cascades. Designated as on of the seven wonders of Georgia, Amicalola is the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi River.


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Taken in Las Vegas with a Canon Powershot SX130 IS - F3.4 1/640 ISO 80 The Belagio Hotels Dancing waters, framing the shops on the main floor.

Kathy Belford/Kathy Belford

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Sauble Falls in the early spring

Brenda Santalucia/Brenda Santalucia

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situated in an island accessible by ferry is one of the most admired statues in the world for over 125 years.


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A participant returns a rock to Georgian Bay during "64 Rocks - a Ceremony of Return" an Exhibition by Robin Pacific

Zena Curwain/Zena Curwain

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The swirling shore in Fort Myers on March 29, 2012.

Dave Campbell/Dave Campbell

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A pond in Winnipeg last fall

Kim Dennis/Kim Dennis

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It was high tide, thus I was not able to collect sea-glass. This was taken March 30, 2012.

Menarose Angco/Menarose Angco

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Taken in Kincardine to end a beautiful day, after an amazing day of travel up the shore from Tobermory to Goderich. Taken with a Nikon D3000, at f29, an ISO of 100, 32mm.

Samantha Fischer/Samantha Fischer

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View of the water on Mirror Lake, New Zealand - 2006.

Corinne Sato/Corinne Sato

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A boat sails off the coast of Victoria BC. 2010.

Marina Giannitsos/Marina Giannitsos

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Water in Samoa

Lee Gunderson/Lee Gunderson

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The Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas. March 2011

John Lentz/John Lentz

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Rainbow appeared on a sunny day at Niagra Falls. Taken Sept. 2007

Corinne Sato/Corinne Sato

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The traverston Mill Grey County

Brenda Santalucia/Brenda Santalucia

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I took this shot on a summer evening in Port Credit Ontario. The goose was swimming by my sailboat.

Marie Sterling/Marie Sterling

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Mark Creek falls near Kimberley B.C.

Gerry Frederick/Gerry Frederick

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Calgary AB. 2009.

Marina Giannitsos/Marina Giannitsos

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This picture was taken in Kincardine, after an amazing day of travel. Shot with a Nikon D3000, with a shutter speed of 4s, an aperture of f29, and an ISO of 100, it was a perfect, calming end

Samantha Fischer/Samantha Fischer

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The water show at the Belagio, Las Vegas - September 2011

Corinne Sato/Corinne Sato

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The last of the evening light illuminates the mile-long jetty in Busselton, Western Australia.

Kirk Sunter/Kirk Sunter

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Monet Water- Taken May 2011, Nikon D90 18-195mm lens. f3.2 A1.3 ISO 200 Taken at Sam Livingston Park Calgary

Kathy Belford/Kathy Belford

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This seagull is about to take off from the floating buoy

Marie Sterling/Marie Sterling

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Taken In Mazatlan May 2011 from hotel room window

Kathleen Jones/Kathleen Jones

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At the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Katherine Vincent skips stones into the sunset.

Jennifer Friesen/Jennifer Friesen

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September 2011 in Nakusp during run of Kokanee

Kathleen Jones/Kathleen Jones

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The surf did peak at 60 feet, the week of Feb. 3-10, North Shore Oahu as a great Northern cold front brought unstable cold air to the Islands.

Lee Gunderson/Lee Gunderson

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what your see above and below the water line - Algonquin trail

T Parish/T Parish

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My nephew playing in the waves last summer

Kim Dennis/Kim Dennis

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The view from the dock - an idyllic spot - quintessentially Canadian.

Zena Curwain/Zena Curwain

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It was only after cropping the picture that I realized that I was reflected in the bubbles created by the waves breaking against the beautiful Spanish Mediteranean beach

Francine Tessier/Francine Tessier

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A row of seaside condominiums near Algorobo, Chile

Paul Redekop/Paul Redekop

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Jesse Schick spends an evening fishing at Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary, hoping for bite as the night sets in.

Jennifer Friesen/Jennifer Friesen

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On a rainy fall day we went to visit "The Rooms" museum in St Johns. It was pouring rain outside and when I looked through the rain splattered cafeteria window I saw this surreal view of St Johns...

Peter Dielissen/Peter Dielissen

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The smooth sheet of crystal blue water creates a serene atmosphere in Banff, Alberta last summer.

Leah Brownridge/Leah Brownridge

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Picture was taken in July 2011 in my back yard after a summer shower.

Lynn Hayes/Lynn Hayes

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January, 2012 - As the Amazon River rises each year, the streets become busy waterways.

Kirk Sunter/Kirk Sunter

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This photo was taken in September of 2012 in Nakusp, BC during the run of the Kokanee.

Kathleen Jones/Kathleen Jones

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Water over the damn and under the bridge on the Avon River Stratford

Brenda Santalucia/Brenda Santalucia

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